When it comes to planning a social media marketing strategy, it takes a lot to make sure it’s perfect for your company. It’s important to have a well thought out plan. It needs to have everything from attracting new users to engaging the followers you already have. However, with this your ultimate goal is to convert as many of your followers into clients. Also, important to make sure you stay on top of the changes so you can adjust your plan to follow trends. Below are 10 tips below will help you perfect your social media marketing strategy. 

Take advantage of having a blog

If your company does not already have a blog, now is the time to create one. Blogging is an amazing way to maximize your social media efforts. You can share your blog posts through your company’s social media accounts. Which in return, offers a high chance of bringing people to your website. You can showcase your company’s knowledge of the industry you’re in and boost your brand exposure. Not only can you and your employees share the blogs on their accounts, but others who read and enjoy it can share with their followers as well.  

Repurpose old content

By repurposing old content, you can save yourself time and effectively expand your reach. Just because you constantly create new content does not mean it’s going to help you significantly expand your audience. Using the material you already have to reach more people is what’s more important than stressing out over the need to create all new content. 

While this doesn’t mean you should flat out recycle your old content, there is a strategy you can use. Start by picking out key elements from previous content and repost it with a link back to the original content/article. Also, you can try to adapt your old content by making infographics or quotes to then share on your social media accounts. You can also create reports or a newsletter series based on your old content. The main goal is to attract new users that find your content valuable, even if some parts seem repetitive. 

Grab attention with infographics

Using infographics are very beneficial on social media because you are able to explain information in a clear, concise, and quick way. People are more likely to share visual content on their social media accounts. They come across as more attractive and offer more value in generating traffic. Infographics can also help increase sales and take your company to a new level on social media.

If you are worried about someone reposting your infographic to pass it off as their own, include a watermark so that your brand gains exposure. Another good way is to have it linked back to your site. This way, when someone clicks on it they are redirected to your website. There are many benefits to using infographics, which is why they should be a big part of your social media marketing strategy. 

Use content calendars for social media

When planning a social media strategy, it is important to have a content calendar. It will make your life a lot easier, and will help keep everything more organized. You can easily plan out and organize all of the content you want to generate and publish. It will allow you to get ahead on your work and schedule your posts ahead of time. There are many different options when it comes to choosing a content calendar. Even if it costs money, the benefits are always worth it in the end. Also, with content calendar sites, many will include the analytics. This allows you to see how all of your posts are doing in terms of impressions, interactions, clicks, etc. 

Participate in online conversations

As discussed about, engaging prospective clients is very important when it comes to social media marketing. You need to take a deeper look into your potential clients and see what they post about. After you determine this, you can start listening and commenting when you have something to add from your company’s perspective. By doing this, you will not only increase your brand awareness, but show that your company is personable. The easiest way to do this is to look at topics that are trending on social media platforms, and start commenting from there. 

Give customers a reason to provide feedback

In a perfect world, users would willingly fill out surveys and take usability tests for your company. However, that is not usually the case. Getting real feedback from users regarding your product or service is extremely important and valuable. The easiest way to get users to help you out in this way is to give them a reason to provide you feedback. Offering incentives is one of the best ways to get users to help you out. You just need to make sure that the rewards fit your business model and actually appeals to them. A great idea is to offer a discount, coupon or the chances to enter in a giveaway. You can test out different offers to help see what works best for your company, and from there you can build an incentive program. 

Humanize your brand

While technology and the growth of social media has made it very easy to communicate, the biggest thing we miss out on is emotion. Humanizing your brand online might seem weird. This just means show your audience what goes on in your office. You can introduce them to your employees and show that there are humans behind your brand. Social media is a way to help your audience connect with your brand, and they can connect with you more easily by getting to know your company and the people who make it. You can tell them what you all stand for, while also displaying your company’s culture and values. Humanizing your brand just allows your audience to get to know you more and feel more connected to your company. 

Use analytics

You can learn a lot by reviewing your analytics. You can see your follower growth, page views, number of posts, impressions, interactions, as well as so much more. Also, you can see what type of posts worked better than others, which will benefit you in the future when planning your next social media marketing strategy. 

Keep learning 

Social media has become a wonderful tool for companies to utilize. However, it is constantly evolving, and it’s important to be keeping up with it. This is why you need to keep learning, even if you think you know everything you need to about social media. Aside from just new trends, there are constantly new softwares and skills that you can learn about and master. A great way to stay on top of this is to follow influential social media marketing blogs. Not only will they keep you up to date with the latest trends, but they will also point out helpful tools, tips, tutorials, and so on. Regardless of what industry you work in, there is almost guaranteed to be a blog you can follow to help you keep learning.

Define your goals

You can create as many social media marketing strategies as you want, but if you have no goal defined, how will you know if it was successful? When planning, you need to determine how you will gauge your success. Whether it’s gaining a certain amount of new followers or improving on your impressions, you need to have something so you can tell what you need to improve for the future. The best ways to come up with a goal is to be specific, set attainable goals, and make sure that your goals are measurable. The goals you come up with will help be the driving force of your social media marketing strategy.