2020 definitely changed the way that we worked, and for many not much has changed since last year. Technology took center stage when we were hit with COVID-19. When many were forced to leave their offices and work from their homes, IT quickly mobilized to keep everyone engaged and productive. Also, trends that were aimed at fueling digital transformation that were already in play accelerated in speed to keep business moving. Below are 3 trends that are changing the way you work. 

Work will be quieter

As consumers, we can now do everything from shopping, banking, and socializing faster and more efficiently than ever before. With work, many companies use platforms like Slack to communicate. You no longer have to get up and go to a coworkers space to ask them a quick question. You can now send them a message on Slack and get an instant response from them. Since employees are now using platforms like this, the work space will be quieter. Your team is able to collaborate very easily and get work done faster.

Technology will make work smarter

Robots are not out to get us. They are simply helping us out. We have already seen how they can make our day to day lives easier. Now, they are able to help us be more efficient and productive at work. There are countless platforms that can help streamline your company, regardless of what industry you’re in. You can now avoid the mundane tasks you used to be stuck doing and focus on what you do best. Streamlining your work makes everything smarter and allows employees to get more work done. It also helps relieve stress from your employees since they will no longer need to be constantly switching tabs in order to accomplish one simple task. 

Along with this, companies will embrace the cloud even more. They will deliver secure and reliable work environments that keep employees engaged and productive. Everyone was able to see how beneficial it was when working from home. Just because many are back in the office does not mean companies will just up and leave all of this. 

More people will be working from home

It’s no secret that most people had to work remotely at some point in 2020. This showed many companies that they don’t need to have all of their employees in the office every single day. Many companies are already back working in their office, but many are still working from home permanently. In 2020, we saw a large increase in remote job postings. We don’t see remote working going anywhere any time soon. Whether it’s fully remote employees or employees who work from home half the week, many more will continue working from home.