As staffing firms are on the rise, there is always room for improvement. Especially when it comes to building relationships with your clients. For a staffing company, having a good relationship with your clients is key to being a successful company. You need to make sure that you’re always going above and beyond to keep them happy and ensure they stay with you for years to come. While client relationships are key to being a successful staffing company, there are also many other aspects. Below, we will dive into 3 ways to help you be a successful staffing company.

  1. Streamline your recruiting process

From answering emails, addressing client inquiries, and searching for job candidates in a timely manner, you can easily get overwhelmed. However, you need to make sure you keep a strong relationship with each of your clients. 

You can stay connected with all of your clients and potential clients more efficiently with better processes. By replacing hardcopy documents and paper resumes with better equipped technology, you’re able to streamline your recruiting process. Below are 2 tools that many staffing firms are using in order to create better client relationships. 

  • Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)
    • A CRM tool can help you regulate and control how well everyone at your firm communicates with their clients, build better relationships and increase sales. Your team is easily able to respond to clients, collaborate on an account, and effectively share information with clients. 
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
    • By using an ATS, you can locate applicant records quickly and stay organized during your recruiting process. You’re able to screen out under-qualified applicants by asking pass/fail questions, create custom pre-screening questions, and easily compare applicants.
  1.  Share success stories

While a potential client may know they need a staffing firm, they may not be immediately convinced that they need your staffing firm. To help make potential candidates choose you, promote and share client success stories. These can be shared across social media and on your company website. You and your clients are both able to benefit from this. Your clients will appreciate the feature and promotion, and you’ll be able to pull in more clients. By showing these success stories, potential clients will be able to see how you’re able to help them on a more personal level. 

  1. Understand your clients industry

It’s best to know a lot about a few industries than only know a small amount about many. By putting in the extra time and effort to educate yourself on a few industries, it will pay off in the long run. You will be able to land and retain many valuable clients. You have to remember that as a staffing agency, you’re finding people for jobs, not jobs for people. 

Also, it’s important to regularly check job postings and track trends in your client’s industry. This will give you a better understanding of the type of candidates that your clients are looking for and want to hire. It’s also important to consider having your clients fill out a questionnaire that can give you insight into their problems and successes. This can better help you find candidates for their open positions.