Marketing technology services have drastically changed the way companies increase their brand awareness. Software today is accurate and powerful. It could reach thousands of prospective consumers on a daily basis while returning real-time data. Marketing software helps companies attract new customers, analyze demographics, and maximize engagements. Here are 3 ways to better market your company with marketing technology services software. 


Creating blogging content provides value to your potential customers while making your company site easier to find. Consistently blogging is an excellent growth tool because it serves both your customers and your company at the same time. Blogging is inexpensive if you write on your own. WordPress is a budget-friendly platform and has a large library of dynamic plugins. Plugins have many different functions, but some even boost your website’s SEO while you write (like Yoast SEO). 

Websites with proper headlines, search engine descriptions, and content rapidly grow businesses. It’s because websites that offer plenty of valuable information, will be treated as a rich source on search engines. All kinds of niche-related sites will use your pages as a referral. In return, thousands of visitors may click on your brand website.


Email marketing is a priority for businesses if they want more growth. It’s an easy tactic to manage but also provides high engagement to your customers. Using a newsletter has a similar effect that blogging offers – they provide value to your customers. With nearly 4 billion active email accounts in the world today, it’s enticing to provide email content to customers. 

Newsletters are a quick marketing tactic where your company could write niche-based, engaging material. Within your newsletter, companies typically insert subtle product or service promotions in between the content. Popular software platform Mailchimp is an effective, low-cost method for email marketing. It has concise email analytics for a company email list and has a drag-and-drop email builder.

Social Media

Platforms of social media have their own forms of appealing content for the billions of people who use it. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Linkedin are all effective ways to market your company. Social media fosters relationships with customers and generates leads with shared content that spreads rapidly. It’s a chance for a company to give value in the forms of information and entertainment to other people. 

A software platform like Hubspot automatically distributes your company website to social media accounts. It saves the company time while staying organized with scheduled posts. Companies also use Hootsuite which has additional features that save time. Hootsuite can place all of your customer questions on one page so your company doesn’t have to manage several social media accounts at once. Most tools also make company marketing easier with social media data analytics. Robust data analytics boost the accuracy of target audiences when launching market campaigns for new products and services.

Market with Software

Technology has offered businesses a staggering amount of tools to work with. Increasing brand awareness is nearly overwhelming because of the advantages different software provides. If your company isn’t up to date on marketing with software, it’s most likely going to be left behind in the marketing world. The power of blogging, email, and social media, continues to develop the way that we increase brand awareness during the Age of Information. It’s interactive and builds relationships with customers.