Hiring candidates is a tedious process. Recruiters have to post job descriptions, reach out to candidates, screen, and align potential candidates with companies. Staffing companies have to be on point. It’s a competitive industry that battles for top talent leaving little room for error. These are 4 common mistakes made by the largest staffing companies.

Choosing Quantity over Quality 

Trying to handle as many candidates as possible is the first mistake staffing companies make. Recruiters are meant to build relationships with candidates while finding a career opening for them. With a smaller base of candidates, recruiters can actually get to know applicants. Successful recruiters take the time to answer all of the questions candidates have and learn about their strengths and weaknesses. This increases the likelihood of finding a great match between a company and an applicant. With a good relationship, recruiters can help applicants through the interview process and give them confidence. Neglecting the concerns of candidates could lead to a bad interview or miscommunication when a role opening could have been a good fit.

Not Having a Niche 

Without specializing in a niche, staffing companies fail to find the best talent in the industry. Each industry is unique and has its own market, competition, and qualities that make up a talented employee. The entire hiring process is tailored to specific niches. A process that works in one niche may not work in another. Spending the time to create a new plan for each market is rarely a sustainable option. With successful recruiting in a certain niche, the staffing company builds a reputation as a specialist in the industry. It allows staffing companies to charge more because of their demonstrated expertise in the field. Niching down also gives staffing companies the ability to target specific companies and devise an effective marketing plan. Without a niche, the staffing company never has a true identity among its competitors.

Speeding Up the Hiring Process

It’s a natural feeling to fill a client’s new order as fast as possible. Your client may be understaffed and urgently hiring. Staffing companies are eager to help out their clients but rushing the hiring process has consequences. By racing through the hiring process, staffing companies may overlook the flaws candidates have. This also leads to better-fitting candidates getting skipped over. Without proper evaluation and testing during the interview process, the candidate usually turns out to be a poor fit in the long run. The company then spends crucial months and resources training the new employee just to part ways. The entire hiring process has to be repeated because of a sped-up process, trying to fill the void as quickly as possible.

Creating a Dry Job Description

Creating a job description lets potential applicants align their qualifications with the role. It’s a way for candidates to screen whether they should apply or not. An honest, accurate, and inclusive description is bound to attract quality talent. A common mistake recruiters make is not putting enough into a job description The result is a dry description that lists the duties and basic requirements to be considered for the role. A great job description highlights the key quantities and qualifications that the company is looking for. It’s also a good idea to describe the company culture within the description. Just because somebody has technical skills fitting for the role, doesn’t mean that their attitude aligns with the company.