A business can use a project management tool to execute and manage multiple projects all in one place. There are many different types of project management tools you can use. However, the one thing they have in common is that they all allow you to see the entire timeline of a project. You have the ability to see each aspect of the project from the budget to who is assigned to each task. While there are many benefits of using a project management tool, below are 5 reasons why your team needs one. 

Optimized planning 

A key task when it comes to a long project is setting deadlines. With a project management tool, you can go in and keep track of what assignments are due. You can also input all of your information regarding your team project. Then, it will calculate the estimated completion dates you need to hit to have everything complete in time. Also, project management tools can allow you to indicate which actions are sequential or are dependent on one another. This makes it easier for your team members to do their tasks.

Budget tracking 

A huge part of a project is the budget. Your project manager is in charge of maximizing your profits earned by the company on each project. With a project management tool, you can keep track of your budget while doing minimal effort yourself. Your project management tool can give you monthly and weekly reports regarding expenses and total amount spent. Also, you can track the timing of the progress, as well as other tasks that assist project managers to plan the budget and work accordingly.

Progress management

You now have the ability to check in and see the progress of each of your team members. Working remotely has made it hard to be in constant contact with your team members. Now you can check their progress in your project management tool. You no longer have to wait on replies or go check over someone’s shoulder to see where they are on an assignment. 

Automated and effective reporting 

A project management tool can give you pre-built reports to keep your team members informed on the real-time progress and responsibilities. Also, with a whole team working on a project, different data is composed from different tasks. Having all of this data and the pre-built reports available can help you be more transparent with clients and provide better communication. Since each team member can easily access all of this information, they can update and use the documents when needed.