It’s hard to find a business that doesn’t have at least one social media account. However, being present on social media doesn’t guarantee you any recognition or popularity. Content is behind your social media success. The solution to creating great content, remaining relevant, and still staying true to the values and the objectives of your business is to make your content branded. Instagram branded content is value-oriented, thought-provoking, and appeals to emotions. Below, we will go into 4 tips for improving your Instagram branded content for social media. 

Study your audience

You can’t create Instagram branded content if you don’t study your target audience. Any brand content marketing campaign will be a failure if it doesn’t rely on targeting a certain audience persona. A target audience persona is a generalized character that is an ultimate consumer of your product. It usually includes their demographic, background information, and challenges/needs. The main reason to find out your target audience is to help shape your content around the challenges that this persona goes through. Your end goal is to help them overcome these challenges with the help of your product through your content.

Determine what works and use it

After you’ve studied your target audience and put together your audience persona, the next step is determining what platform will work best for your brand content. Not every social media platform can be in line with who your target audience persona is. After you’ve selected one or several social media platforms, you need to analyze what format to choose for your branded content. 

Use branded content marketing to connect

Being an active supporter of social issues is great. However, you can turn your branded content strategy around by inviting your followers to contribute to creating branded content. User-generated content is one of the top strategies in branded content marketing. More and more brands recognize the value of the personalized approach and user-generated content as a way to achieve it. It’s a win-win for both you and your followers. They get to participate in brand content marketing campaigns, and you get high-quality user-generated content. Along with this, you also get a better relationship with your audience.

Provide ways for sharing branded content

An important strategy in social media writing and brand content marketing is to provide ways to share your branded content. To increase the chances of your content getting noticed and shared, you can include hashtags. A hashtag is the quickest route that connects your brand’s content and your consumers.

Your main task is to help your brand content go viral, and hashtags will give you a push in that direction.