Recruiting top talent for open positions is obviously important, but it’s not always easy. Luckily, there are many tools to help so you aren’t stuck sorting through hundreds of resumes. These tools can help in numerous ways. They help you speed up your hiring process by finding you the best candidates in a shorter period of time. How do you recruit top talent? Below are 4 tools for you to use. 

ATS (Application Tracking Systems)

Application tracking systems help sort through resumes for you. Nowadays, it’s very easy to apply for jobs online. Because of this, many people will apply to jobs they aren’t qualified for just because it’s easy. The only downside of this is that it can leave you with hundreds of resumes to look through, which is how an ATS can help you. It will help find you the most qualified resumes for the position you have open, in a short amount of time.

While the specific functions of ATS are different depending on which you use, most will rank the resumes based on how well they match your job description. The biggest downside is the potential of candidates falling through the cracks. In the end, their main goal is to help save you the time of going through each resume on your own.

Online Tools for Sourcing 

There are a few online tools that you can use for sourcing. LinkedIn, Glassdoor, social media, and online communities are some of the most popular and easiest to use. 

LinkedIn is one of the best known professional networks. It’s easy to post job openings, and your employees can also share the opening to their connections. By them sharing your posting, you’re able to reach a larger range of candidates. 

Glassdoor is also a great place to post job openings. Your current and previous employees can leave reviews about your company, along with anyone who has interviewed with you. While there is no guarantee that your company will also get positive reviews, professionals trust peer reviews when evaluating companies. 

Social media is also a fun and great tool to generate candidate interest in your company. When a position becomes open, you can post fun and interesting content and have your employees share the post. By sharing a more exciting view of your company and the environment, more people will want to be interested to learn more. This also helps you stand out from competitors.

Online communities are also a great source to spread the word about an open position with your company. There are many different industries in the work world, and many of them have online communities/forums and social media groups. With social media groups, you might find that there is a group for your industry in your city, which will make finding a candidate even easier.

Reference Checks

Reference checks are nothing new for those recruiting for an open position. This is because they never fail when helping you choose the right candidate. You need to make sure you are checking with candidates previous managers that they reported to so you can ask specific questions relevant to the skills you need for your position. 

Skills Testing 

While not every position can benefit from skills testing, it can be very useful for others. Skills testing is particularly useful for positions that require a level of competency with specific software programs, computer operations or skills such as customer service responses. This will help you make sure that a candidate actually has the skills needed. Also, you can make sure their skill level is where you need it to be. Skills testing is a fool proof way to help you make decisions about your candidates by making sure they truly have the skills to be successful in the position.