Hiring the best candidates is crucial to your company’s success. You need to make sure that you’re building a team with the right skills and drive. This will help contribute to your company’s growth and success. While the hiring process can be long and complicated, applicant tracking systems, or ATS, can help you out. An ATS provides you with an easy and automated system to manage your candidates throughout the hiring process. It also allows you to spend your time more efficiently on candidates that have the highest chance of success in the role you have open. Below are 4 ways that an ATS can help you find employees to hire.

Consider candidates who applied in the past

If your company has had a lot of open positions, it’s likely that you have accumulated many applicants during that time. These applicants have been interested in working for your company and believe that they have the skills and qualifications. While it’s easy to post a job opening and collect fresh applications, an ATS can efficiently look at candidates that have applied in the past. Instead of having to dig through past emails and submissions, ATS keeps a database of every applicant. It’s also easy for you to search through. When a candidate first applies, your ATS will keep their information stored for you. Even if you didn’t hire them for the original position they applied for but liked their background, you can easily go back and find their information when a similar position opens up.   

Reach more top candidates through job-boards and social media

Online job boards and social media have become very popular sources to help you find employees to hire. However, the process of having to go to each site and post your job opening can be time-consuming. An ATS can post your opening directly to multiple sites at once. Aside from job boards, it can easily post your job opening on all of your social media accounts. Also, you won’t have to go back to each site to collect your submission. They will automatically be sent to your ATS for you to easily view.

Record interview notes

The easiest way to lose your top candidates is by having a slow hiring process. The best talent is usually the first to be hired. There’s also a high chance that your top candidates are also applying to positions with other companies. It’s also important that your hiring process is thoughtful and fair, which an ATS can help you with that. If your ATS includes internal and external communication, everyone involved in the hiring process can learn about the candidates. This will help them better prepare for their interviews.

Along with this, everyone involved in the interviews can record their notes in the ATS so that the hiring managers can compare notes on each candidate. This allows collaboration and feedback to be much easier and helps ensure that fair hiring practices are being followed. 

Separate top resumes 

While you might assume that getting a lot of resumes for a job opening is a good thing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that every applicant is qualified for the position. Not every company has the resources to thoroughly read through each resume that they receive from a job posting. A lot of the time in this situation, when they find a great candidate they might already be off the market. 

With an ATS, you can automatically analyze each resume so that you can identify top talent quickly. It does so by automatically importing resumes from each site the posting is on and converts them into a standard format, which can then be searched and filtered by specific keywords or skills. While all ATS are different, some are also able to suggest the best candidates based on qualifications and how closely their experience matches your job posting. Regardless of the ATS you choose, you will be able to quickly filter through resumes and quickly find employees to hire.