While some companies are easily able to work remotely, this isn’t the case for all. Especially when COVID-19 hit, many companies were stuck scrambling to establish a plan that would allow all employees to work from home. That is, with minimal differences from their normal day-to-day work life. Luckily with cloud-based software becoming more common, you’re able to boost employee productivity and enhance accessibility. The cloud is much more than just storing files. Below are 4 ways that cloud-based software can help you run your business remotely.

Saves you money

Physically backing up your company’s data can be expensive. From the cost of hardware to the cost of data recovery, it can really add up. With cloud-based software, your server space and costs can be shared with other users. This allows you to have more efficient utilization of your equipment. 

Also, with the cloud, you only have to pay for what you need. It’s also a monthly recurring expense, so it’s easy to predict and budget. Whether you are experiencing growth or have a temporary need for space, your cloud-based software can accommodate your needs. With most cloud service providers, you’re able to rent space if you know you only need it for a short period of time. This work the same if your company has seasonal growth. A simple call or email to your provider can help you learn more and adjust your plan when needed.

Increases accessibility

Since you are able to access the cloud through the internet, all of your files are accessible from anywhere at any time. While this is almost crucial for any remote employees you may have, it also allows many to access their work when needed. Many employees expect to always be connected, and the cloud allows this to be possible. 

Also like stated earlier, once COVID-19 hit, many companies were in a panic over how their employees could work from home. Luckily for those who utilize the cloud, they didn’t have to be as worried about sending employees home. Since you never know when disasters may happen, it’s always reassuring to know that employees can access their work from anywhere. 

Increases security

Cloud-based systems can protect your business from hardware failure. This makes you not have to worry about losing any files. It is the ultimate backup system to prevent this type of loss. It also protects you from hackers and data breaches. You have a team of professionals who are trained and up-to-date with security. Also, they are aware of the complexities of a constantly changing threat environment.

Supports collaboration

The cloud allows your employees to stay connected and productive, regardless of where they are working from. The ability to collaborate and communicate through the cloud allows an enhanced quality of work. It also decreases the amount of time it takes for projects to be completed. Traditional collaboration tends to require files being emailed back and forth. All while only allowing one employee to work at a time. The cloud simplifies this by allowing multiple employees to work from one centrally stored document.