Utilizing Experiential Marketing campaigns is a technique that creates experiences between a brand and its consumers. This strategy helps engage the consumer and creates a real-life experience that they will (hopefully) remember. It’s a way to help your company build brand loyalty and preference. Below are a few ways that experiential marketing campaigns can help bring your brand to life.

Generates and creates content for your brand 

By creating a unique marketing experience for your customers, you’re able to generate branded content that can be shared on all social media platforms. The customers who participate in your experience will most likely post about it on social media. You can reshare posts from customers or create your own content for your customers at the experience you’ve created. Also, you can make part of your campaign to encourage those who participated to post about it on social media. You can promote a giveaway at your experience and have those who attended enter by posting a picture with a hashtag related to your brand. Then, you can choose one winner from the pictures under your hashtag. All of this creates more content for your brand to share. 

Engages customers through inbound marketing tactics

When wanting to use experiential marketing campaigns, the easiest examples to look at are any type of installation, experience, unique piece of art, sample of product, etc. You need to make sure that whatever you create is enough to draw in interested customers and make them want to learn more. After you get their attention, all you need to do is let them take part in the experience you created. Along with this, social media will also naturally help you draw in customers. Once they see one post about your experience on social media, it will create a ripple effect.

Builds authentic interactions with customers 

By creating a way to engage with your customers one-on-one, they are able to spend more time with the product you are promoting. When you put the product in your consumer’s hands in a creative way, you’re able to give them a way to remember you. This can help generate brand loyalty. The positive and memorable experience they have with you will make them want to choose your product over competitors. While this can go turn in a negative way, it’s important to think simple when planning. You want to ensure that everyone who attends has an enjoyable experience. 

Creates a significant impressions among customers 

When going through your marketing strategies to see what generated the most results for your brand, experiential will most likely always be the winner. From the consumer experience you create to the social media impressions you generate, nothing will beat earned media. Luckily experiential marketing campaigns provide the means to create genuine and unique content from your customers. Also, depending on the type of experience you come up with for your brand, it might truly stick with those who attend for years to come.