Are you wondering how to get more backlinks to your website? Building backlinks help you boost your search engine ranking. When you have a higher ranking in search engines, your website can see a big boom in traffic. While getting links to your site can be tricky, you don’t necessarily need to buy them. There are many easy ways to help you get more backlinks for free. The hardest aspect of getting backlinks is that you have to rely on others. Below, we will explain 4 ways to help you naturally build backlinks for SEO. 

Interview bloggers and generate articles about it

An excellent way to help build a connection with bloggers in your niche is through an interview. A blog post or article about interviewing a popular person in your niche will help build a huge readership. There are a number of ways to go about this. You can send them a list of questions or record a video/audio while having a face-to-face conversation. Then, you can craft a blog post about the interview and your personal experience. This will help you gain the influencer’s trust, plus they can post about the interview as well. 

Create an affiliate program for your product/service

Creating an affiliate program and offering a commission to bloggers and influencers on each product/service can help build natural backlinks to your site. You can have them review your products and add the links to their blog or website. This will encourage their readers to buy your products, and they can make money from the commission you offer. Starting an affiliate program will help you generate sales and create natural backlinks to your website. 

Make use of Google Alerts

We all know the strength that Google carries. Google Alerts can help generate backlinks for you. All you need to do is set up daily alerts for all of the main keywords for your website and brand. Then, if anyone mentions you online, you will be notified instantly. You can then connect with those who mentioned you and ask them to link back the original content from their mentioning. 

Infographics and memes 

Infographics and memes are brilliant ways to generate more backlinks. You can create great infographics with a visual summary or memes with animated gif and texts that can go viral within your industry. Infographics are always a good source that can be spread. However, when you create a meme, make sure to add some humor to it. Even if it’s only related to your specific industry, many will be able to relate. This can help you go viral and have your meme reposted all over. When this happens, you will gain a large number of backlinks.