Social media recruiting is a method that uses social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to advertise jobs, find talent, and communicate with potential candidates about your company’s culture. With how technology is now, social media recruiting is a must-have to successfully fill a position. Just about every professional is on social media. Also, it has become the easiest way to job search. With social media recruiting, you can attract, engage and hire candidates by using the social media platforms they’re on. Below are 5 of the benefits of social media recruiting.

Lower recruitment costs

By recruiting on social media, you are able to lower recruitment costs. This is especially true because creating accounts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are free. There’s also a high chance that your company already has an account on these platforms. By posting your open positions on these platforms, you’re likely to see higher application submissions. With social media, all posts can easily be shared with others. By utilizing your social media accounts, you can cut back on spending money on recruiting agencies and expensive job boards. 

Learn more about the background of candidates before an interview

You are able to learn a lot about your candidates from their social media platforms, especially on LinkedIn. With LinkedIn, a member will most likely include a resume. You can see recommendations from peers, managers and colleagues, as well as what groups they’re involved in. Also, you are able to determine if you have any connections with the candidate. The candidate can benefit from this by getting a reference from that mutual connection. 

Build your company’s online presence 

Social media recruiting allows your company to build up its online presence. You want your company to be a place that everyone knows about and wants to work for. When recruiting through social media, you should be sharing content that shows how your company is a great place to work for. A very important aspect with recruiting this way is to be consistent and keep your messages very open regarding your values, ethics, and beliefs. This will help you in the long run. When candidates know this up front and can truly relate to it, they will want to stay with your company long term. 

When sharing content online, make sure it is your own content and isn’t viewed as spam. It’s important to keep your audience engaged. Social media recruiting won’t work for you if you can’t showcase something that others want to share. Your content needs to be entertaining and useful. Whether it’s a video, blog post, image, or infographic, make sure it is appealing to your audience so they will want to apply or share the posts.

Involve current employees by share posts on their accounts

The best people to help your company share a job posting are those who already work for you. They can help authentically share your company’s culture and how a day in the office is each day. If you are worried about what some employees might post, create a social media policy to make sure that everything posted by them helps the image of your company online. Once you have a policy in place, you can encourage employees to share how they honestly feel about your workplace culture on their social media accounts. 

Build a community by keeping potential candidates engaged

As mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t spam your audience and potential candidates with poor content. You need to keep them engaged and share posts that they can engage with and build a community of like-minded people. Instead of just throwing out information about your company on social media, start a conversation and carry it on with your audience. Other ways to engage with potential candidates is by direct messaging and approaching people in your network who could become part of your talent pool. You can reach out to them about your company, the benefits, and potential open positions. You need to be proactive and reach out to your audience instead of waiting for them to come to you.