There is nothing worse than sending out an email, only to realize that there’s an error in it. However, sometimes it’s not just a spelling or grammatical mistake. It can be the UX of a landing page, a broken link, or even just a backend issue. It’s important to maintain email marketing quality. This is why we pulled together 5 tips to help you avoid any email mistakes.

Integrate proofreading into your workflow

One of the biggest issues that can easily be avoided in emails is typos. You can avoid them by integrating proofreading into your workflow. It’s always smart to have another set of eyes check your work. This will help make sure there are no errors and that everything can be read smoothly. While this doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to have no errors within your emails, it will help avoid them.

Create efficient and actionable customer feedback

After you send out your emails, keep your eyes and ears out for qualitative customer feedback. There are a handful of ways to receive and respond to this feedback. You can check your mentions on social media platforms, set up a help button on your website, and allow responses to your emails. This will be able to connect you and be aware of any issues that may arise within your emails. While the feedback may not affect your team directly, you will be able to send it to the appropriate team to have the issue resolved. 

Choose a cadence for revisiting and auditing automated emails

You need to make sure that you revisit your life cycle creatively like it’s your core product. Shoot to revisit your life cycle at a cadence that makes sense and use a good decision framework for business impact and UX. At the minimum, don’t go longer than a year without revisiting live creative. 

Review samples thoroughly for dynamic emails

If you’re sending out personalized emails with a lot of dynamic content, make sure you preview multiple variations ahead of time. This will help ensure that everything looks the way it should when it’s sent out, all links work, and there are no errors. Also, this will help make sure that the best variation is sent out to your recipients. 

Don’t let a robot do all the writing

There are a lot of third-party technologies in the email world today, but you should never rely too much on automation for copywriting. This doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t perform experiments to try new ways to optimize your email copy. However, allowing a machine to take the wheel entirely could jeopardize the quality and consistency of your email strategy. After all, these automated tools usually optimize individual email campaigns, but don’t think about the entire customer journey. You just need to make sure that you always check to make sure that the outcome reflects your brand’s message and voice.