Nowadays, all businesses use email to communicate with their clients. Regardless of the industry you’re in, emails help bring knowledge of your product or service to your reader’s attention, while generating leads. While social media marketing has been on the rise, many still rely on emails as an easy marketing technique. 

With emails, you’re able to reach recipients individually within minutes. While past email marketing strategies may not be as effective today, there are now new ways to refresh your email campaigns. As these times change, you need to understand what works and what doesn’t work for you. Below, we will go into 5 tips to help refresh your email campaigns. 

Easily Connect With the Audience

You need to design an email campaign that easily connects with your audience and their interests. Your recipients receive countless emails per day. When you send them an email and the content is not in their interest, you may have a lower open rate. To help with this, you can segment your contact list into more targeted groups. This can help increase open rate and lower your unsubscribe rate. By incorporating this technique, you will be able to send the right emails to the right set of people. 

Scrubbing the List

It’s important to scrub inactive emails from your list each month. By doing this, you’re able to shrink and grow your email list at the same time. This will help you engage more people with your business and save your efforts on those who are inactive or already engaged. If you have a large contact base and continue sending them emails, your emails could end up in spam if they are not opening them. By scrubbing your list you can increase your open rate. 

Collection of Correct Contacts

When sending emails, it’s important to make sure that the email addresses are correct. Everyone’s list constantly grows. The best way to help grow it is to implement a subscriber box on your website. You need to make sure that you’re sending emails only to those who have agreed to receive them. An uninterested recipient can mark you as spam and affect your deliverability. 

Attractive Subject Line

Subject lines play an important role in email campaigns. Your subject lines need to be short and descriptive so it compels your reader to click and start reading your email. If you have a boring subject line, it might make your recipients delete or ignore your email. It can be good to try subject lines that indicate urgency, as a question, or make an announcement. Also, you can customize your subject line based on a small group of your contacts to increase the open rate. 

Mobile-Friendly Design

When checking emails, most people use their smartphones or tablets. So you need to make sure that your emails are all mobile-friendly. With this, you must consider the length of your text and any images that are included. Your email templates need to be responsive enough to provide the same quality of user experience as they do on a desktop. If all of the images and text don’t adjust according to the screen size of the device, then it may be ignored or deleted.