Businesses around the world saw drastic changes and had to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, industries such as tourism, entertainment, and any business dealing with public events were left in the dark. Event staffing companies need to hire the best possible staff required to pull off successful events. With quarantine, this meant they weren’t going to see any business for quite some time. Below are 5 ways event staffing companies are surviving the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Reviewing Cancellation Policies

Any kind of event from festivals to weddings came to a pause. COVID-19 policies restrict the number of people that can be together in public areas, which changes the operations of already booked events. However, people still don’t feel as comfortable going out in public. Event staffing companies are doing their best to communicate with clients and keep healthy relationships. Cancellation policies are being swapped out for postponements, which allows them to keep hope and not cancel any event completely.

Making Health a Top Concern

While event staffing companies are facing postponed events, other events are taken with caution. Event staffing companies have to focus on staying up to date with COVID-19 policies and follow proper guidelines. This includes making sure all staff has proper health and safety training with masks, gloves, sanitation, and proper distancing. Staff also have to be screened for COVID-19 before they are hired for any event. Following safety protocols requires more effort, but keeps everyone safe and prevents live events from having to stop.

Pivoting Towards Hybrid Events 

Hybrid events are a very useful solution for event staffing companies during the pandemic. Some people have limited travel options and others choose not to attend events because of health concerns. Event staffing companies are able to send out surveys to see the interest of attending live events. After getting an idea of attendance, they can utilize virtual streaming platforms for the rest of the people still interested in the event.

Hiring Virtual Specialists

Event staffing companies are thinking outside the box to host events. Virtual specialist staff members are trained to establish an immersive virtual environment that leaves people satisfied with the event. For example, staff are managing chat boxes and creating polls to help engagement. They provide a smooth virtual experience by directing people towards registration. While everybody is attending from their homes, there is plenty of managing left to do. Staff also facilitate Q&A sessions and make sure the virtual event feels accessible to everyone.

Staying Adaptable at All Costs

The pandemic created uncertainty for all businesses especially in event staffing. Event staffing companies are surviving the COVID-19 pandemic by using their creative skills and being adaptable. They make health a top priority, ensure safety, and take advantage of technology to stay competitive in the industry.