With the holiday season coming, it’s important to stay focused at work. These times can become a bit overwhelming and cause distractions at work. Especially this year with how COVID has affected us all. With a little discipline and determination, it’s simple to make sure you stay focused. Whether you’re back in the office or working from home, here are six tips for staying productive on the job during this holiday season. 

Keep your holiday organized

The best way to stay focused at work during the holiday season is to stay organized. It may be a whirlwind of events and activities, but it will be easier if you sort it all out. A to-do list can make this even easier on yourself. Whether it’s digital or on paper, organizing everything you have to do can provide you with a little sanity. This applies for personal and professional tasks. Also, you can make a list of everything you want to accomplish and create a rough schedule. 

While these times can get hectic for everyone, there’s no need to be stressed out. To help yourself even more, you can add small rewards at the end of each task to motivate yourself more. By setting realistic expectations for yourself and managing your time, you can help yourself stay on track with all the tasks you need to accomplish. 

Change your area

Rearrange your desk or work space to create a fresh new environment for yourself. You can do this whether you’re working from home or at your office. Declutter your workspace, and if possible move around your furniture. By giving yourself this change, you may be able to focus better. Also, if possible try and work outside for a day. This break of fresh air can really revive you mid day. 

Take a day off

If you have a few days left over at the end of the year, take them! By taking a personal day or two, you can truly revive yourself. You can catch up on holiday shopping, enjoy a day with relatives in town, or simply relax. This will provide you with the chance to refresh and recharge yourself. 

Reposition and move around

You need to give yourself breaks during the day. Take a short walk or even just get up and go outside for a few minutes. You need to loosen up your legs and get your blood flowing again. 

Also, changing the way you’re sitting or standing can help you. You can adjust your body and chair so you feel more alert and aware. Both of these can help you wake up and feel a little more alive and ready to work. 

Focus on singular tasks

It’s important to remain focused on single tasks. Multitasking can lead you to be counterproductive. You should schedule the most important items in your calendar and fill in any blanks with smaller tasks. By prioritizing your most important tasks and sticking with your plan, you will be able to better stay on task.

Along with this, you can always consider scheduling your hardest tasks first. By completing these early in the day when you’re the most fresh, the rest will flow like a breeze. 

Leave work at the office

While many are working remotely due to COVID, it’s important to have a clear difference between working and being at home. These times can get hectic, especially if you have family visiting and staying at your home. You need to set reasonable goals and commit to a hard stop. While you’re working, silence yourself from your personal life. Once you hit your hard stop for the day, silence your work life out when spending time with family and friends.