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John McNamara

John McNamara

Chief Operating Officer

John McNamara is the COO of Senegal Software. John has been integral in the wiring framing, development and roadmap of the Senegal Software platform.  With a career spanning more than 25 years, John has worked with companies of all sizes in America and Europe in a variety of markets, including finance, insurance, healthcare, software, internet privacy, non-profit, and staffing.  Through is career, John has helped companies increase revenues, reduce expenses and improve operational processes.  His passion is with the start up environment, and thrives on building a team, a product, and a success from nothing more than an idea.

Prior to Senegal Software, John was the COO of CMT Agency, a tradeshow and event staffing agency where he oversaw the development of software that eventually spun off to form Senegal Software. Passionate about providing the best possible solutions and services, John is dedicated to developing and advancing the technology that supports talent management, all with an eye toward making it easier and more efficient for clients and talent alike.

In addition to technology, John is passionate about art, and has produced hundreds of art exhibits in San Francisco and Atlanta. When not immersed in technology, John can be found working with church youth, building with Habitat for Humanity or at his easel producing the next great work of art.