Recruiter interviewing a candidate found using an applicant tracking system.

Talent management platforms serve many facets: recruiter, hiring manager, and even trainer. At the very least, an effective applicant tracking system should be easy-to-use and clearly delineate the features and options that best serve each section of the search and hiring process. At the end of the day, an applicant tracking system should be a tool that connects staffing firms with the right information, ultimately delivering better results for their clients in any job market. 

1. Extensive Candidate Sourcing

To find talent in today’s challenging market you need an ATS that quickly allows you to effectively search your well-parsed database and determine if you need to look elsewhere.  If you do need to look to external sources, a system that allows for seamless, easy-to-use posting to both social media and job boards is critical to keep your recruiters’ time spent on revenue generating activities.

Senegal Software integrates with any job board, social media, or other subscriptions the recruiter and/or their company has to notify of new job openings/opportunities. Our software also enables you to not only track those who apply, but also those who go to work, giving you insight into where your candidates are coming from, and the ROI for the investments you are making. 

2. Real-Time Collaboration

As a staffing firm, collaboration matters throughout the recruitment process; from working closely with your client to understand their business, hiring positions, and candidate requirements, to joining forces with your fellow teammates to help meet a deadline or vet talent. 

Senegal Software was built by staffing professionals, for staffing professionals, meaning effective communication across all aspects was tantamount.  With our platform, everyone knows where a candidate is in the hiring process; be it unique questionnaires at application, to individual scorecards allowing the recruiter and hiring manager to see how each potential candidate ranks after their interviews, to full onboarding and post start date follow up.

3. Automatic Resume Parsing

Automation is a key component of applicant tracking software, which makes it such a valuable tool for staffing firms. An opening could be listed across several job boards and receive hundreds or thousands of applicants. Some of those applicants are qualified for the job, but many are not, and as your team’s goal is to fill roles as quickly as possible with the best fit, time wasted on examining unqualified candidates helps no one. 

Senegal Software’s parser works on any file format, to include images, and accurately identifies keywords, skills, education backgrounds, certifications, etc. for both a complete picture and individual section breakdowns. This gives recruiters the opportunity to quickly see, spot, and select the talent pool to move forward with.

4. Document Templates

Even in the smallest businesses, there are usually multiple individuals that’ll have a say in the hiring process. With many hands involved in the search process, professional and consistent communication is key when speaking with candidates. An ATS built with document templates for a variety of messages and mediums (email, LinkedIn, etc.) is critical to maintaining continuity in your search. 

Senegal Software offers several configurable and intuitive types of email, job description, report generation, and information import templates — saving you time and potential communication errors during the hiring process.

5. Strict Search Filters

Some skills are simply too important to overlook, but verifying whether a candidate has the necessary qualifications takes time. Key applicant tracking system features include the need for advanced search options, which enables recruiters to filter applications by specific keywords, job titles, skills, experience, education, and more.  

Senegal Software allows the user to configure their search string algorithm to immediately identify ideal candidates in their existing database in one click for the job they just opened before uploading the posting to a costly subscription.

6. Integrations & Automatic Workflows 

Jumping between software and tabs is both inefficient and frankly, annoying. When using an applicant tracking system, you should expect intuitive technology that is able to work and communicate with all your additional programs already in place. In the case of Senegal Software, we built this platform with all of these in mind, so the user has a one-stop-shop for ATS, CRM, MARKETING, FINANCE, and more. On top of that, we have numerous integration partners that allow us to easily connect with your existing accounts and means of doing business. 

These integrations play directly into the configuration of automatic workflows, configured to how your team chooses to operate — thus giving recruiters the ability to cut down on items like keystrokes and clicks. With Senegal Software, your opportunities to control actions in our ATS are endless.  Any workflow can be configured for any individual, team, branch, and/or company to help mitigate the mundane actions that keep them from their real task: putting people to work.

7. Dynamic Reporting & Analytics

An applicant tracking system’s usefulness doesn’t end when a new hire is made. Reporting and analytics are becoming increasingly useful to all industries as they look to find better productivity and reduce expenditures. Accurate, on-demand data provides these answers. 

Senegal Software’s reporting function allows the user to build reports against any field, in any record, in any module, and the data is updated in real-time every time the report is opened. No more creation of duplicate reports just to get updated data.

Get Started With Senegal Software’s Applicant Tracking System Features

Top talent management software integrates the many moving parts of the hiring process. Reach out today to schedule a demo to see how these 7 applicant tracking system features make a difference in your recruitment process. At Senegal Software, we’re committed to streamlining the hiring process through technology, and ensuring your team is as efficient and productive as possible for your clients.