Remote work has shown that it is no longer a temporary arrangement, it is here to stay. While many businesses were skeptical of allowing employees to work remotely, they have now allowed employees to continue working from home. It’s no secret that COVID-19 forced remote work on us, but many have seen benefits and have continued to keep things this way. However, while there are many benefits of working from home, we have also seen the bad habits that come with it. Below, we highlighted a few of the bad habits that you should avoid while working from home. 

Starting Your Day Without A Plan 

Since you don’t have any direct supervision while working from home, your schedule is yours. This also means that you most likely don’t start your day with a plan, which is taking you nowhere in terms of results. Many have found themselves completing tasks randomly in a day with no prioritizations of tasks and goals. This makes it harder on you to meet deadlines and keep track of your to-do list since you don’t have a schedule to follow. An easy fix to this is write out or get a software that allows you to organize your events, tasks, and milestones all in one place. Along with this, you can create a list of goals for the day to help you focus on completing tasks in hand. 


If you try to do more than one thing at a can, you won’t be as effective. Multitasking puts extra stress on you since you’re trying to do more than what you can handle. It doesn’t matter how good you think you are at multitasking, it’s not a good thing to do to yourself. Just because your coworkers are unable to see what you’re doing, there’s no reason to juggle multiple tasks or projects. You need to relax and give yourself a break. Focusing on the task at hand will leave you more stress free and productive. You can fix this by keeping separate time for personal activities.  

Checking Your Phone Constantly

It’s become very clear that mobile phones have become an inseparable part of our daily lives. Mobile phones along with the internet have helped bridge the communication gap between people. However, it seems we have become addicted to checking our phones every few minutes. 

Checking social media accounts takes a huge amount of time out of our days. This includes taking time out of our work days and stops you from being as productive. It’s a distraction that kills your productivity. When it comes to working from home, there is no one to stop you from constantly checking it. The best way to stop this from becoming a bad habit while working remotely is to keep it at a distance. It doesn’t need to be shut off completely since coworkers may contact you on it during the day. 

Poor Personal Hygiene

While working remotely offers you a lot of flexibility, some take it too far. If you’re working in your pajamas all day long, you’re lowering your productivity and morale. You can’t forget to take care of yourself just because you’re working from home. You may not realize it, but there’s a strong connection between what you wear and your mood. If you’re constantly wearing wrinkled clothes and not taking showers, you will feel lousy and disorganized. The best way to solve this is to wake up early and shower before you start work. While you don’t need to dress too professionally to be at home, you still need to change your clothes every day. By doing this, you will soon how the difference it makes to your overall mood.