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Catering Management Software

Senegal Software helps catering companies, restaurants and event planners streamline and simplify daily operations from the front line to the back office — allowing your team to focus on the people you serve and who run your company.

Senegal's staffing software supports the unique needs faced by the people running catering companies on the go.

Satisfy clients and integrate your agency’s front and back-office functions.

Our CRM solution helps you satisfy clients by starting new customer relationships in a timely manner, whether your staff – servers, bartenders, chefs, sous chefs or other positions – are supporting a private party, a wedding, a corporate event or any other type of celebration. Our solutions support the sales process from capturing new leads to improving client communication across the entire event booking cycle. Our back office platform allows you to accurately and quickly handle all aspects of accounting whether it is tracking expenses, running sales reports, invoicing or collecting payments.

Book events online, manage schedules and your people are in the right place.

With Senegal’s On-Boarding platform your catering company can easily create and showcase your services and staff profiles. Our event staffing software allows your team to handle booking events online, manage schedules and even use geo-location check-in. 

Manage every booking and ensure every detail is fulfilled.

Senegal’s Program Management platform allows you and your team to better manage events of any size or scale from small private dinners to large corporate events. Whether you depend on activity logs, or require features for tracking time and scheduling events, or need a robust calendar feature Senegal's staffing software manages it all. Every detail is critically important to the hosting events. With our Task Tool, you can create priorities, define tasks and set notifications to ensure every detail of your events are fulfilled.

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