Catering Management

Experience the simplicity of staffing software that caters to your business

Automate The Sales Cycle

With senegalCRM you can easily nurture, manage, organize, and retain client relationships.

  • Manage leads with dashboards and lead scoring
  • Track client communication within their profile
  • Stay on track with tasks and notes
  • Monitor pipelines to close deals faster
Relationship Management with senegalCRM
Email campaigns with senegalMARKETING

Keep Your Clients Up-to-Date

When the event is over how do you keep your clients engaged and wanting more of your services? With senegalMARKETING you can create the perfect drip campaigns so your clients always know what you are up to, and how you can help them with their next event.

  • Create Drag & Drop email drip campaigns
  • Schedule social posts for higher engagement
  • Track your open rates
  • Run success reports to improve ROI

Monitor Projects with Ease

No matter what size event you are planning, senegalPROJECTS allows you and your team to work together to accomplish any goal.

  • Set milestones, tasks, and risks
  • Link jobs, clients, shipments, quotes, and more
  • Build a team for each project
  • Track the time your team spends on a project
senegalPROJECTS by Senegal Software

With Senegal Software you can quickly and easily streamline event schedules, check availability, and monitor profitability on your dashboard while simultaneously improving the way the staffing part of your catering company runs.

Use our task tool to create priorities, define tasks, and set notifications to keep track of every detail of your events.


senegalWORK by Senegal Software

Book Events Faster

Your catering business depends on ensuring your catering staff arrives to the correct events at the right time. Just one mix up, late arrival, or no show can negatively impact your business reputation.  With senegalWORK you can schedule quickly and ensure the people you hire are monitored from event check-in to check-out with geo-fencing through our mobile app.

  • Easily on-board and schedule talent
  • Capture geolocation and timestamp check-in data
  • Communicate with all talent instantly with in-app chat
  • Rate talent performance

Track All Your Finances

Once the job is complete send your client the invoice, get paid and pay your talent all in one place with senegalFINANCE.

  • Integrate with third-party accounting platforms
  • Pay 1099 and W2 talent
  • View event profitability easily on your dashboard
  • Track sales commissions
Invoices with senegalFINANCE by Senegal Software

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