Brands around the world are investing in paid ads on Google and social media. There is no doubt that it’s a good way to quickly increase traffic to your website. However, it’ll only work for so long. Content writing is one of the top strategies you can use to build and boost organic traffic. It naturally attracts leads and effectively nurtures them, gains better search ranking results, and helps you gain authority in your industry. Below, we will dive into content writing strategies that can help boost your organic traffic.

Optimize Keywords According to Search Intent

Many companies that create content for marketing purposes know the value of keyword optimization. However, keyword optimization is different from what it used to be. Earlier, it was enough to include relevant keywords in the content while writing. However, today Google learned how to recognize search intent behind keywords. Basically, you need to figure out what the user’s intent is when they will be looking for your content.

Search Intent

Search intent is the purpose of an online search. When a user enters a keyword, they are looking for an answer to their specific need. Thus, the list of keywords that you use while writing your content should include different types of words and phrases tied to different types of search intent. Below, is a list of 4 types of search intent:

  • Informational – a user is looking for information connected to a specific topic.
  • Navigational – a searcher is interested in visiting a certain website or a web page.
  • Transactional – a searcher wants to make a purchase.
  • Commercial investigation – a user compares different products/services for the purpose of buying one of them in the future.

Introduce the Skyscraper Method

This works best when your competitors already have content that you want to create. When you want to make the content better, you can use the skyscraper method to outrank them on Google and boost organic traffic to your website. 

This method is a link-building strategy. It allows you to improve your content writing by replicating the links. The method includes 3 steps:

  • Find content with relevant backlinks
  • Create content that can outcompete it
  • Offer your content as superior to sources that linked to your competitor’s content

This method is based on the principle that there’s already a demand for the content you want to create. However, people are naturally drawn to better products. By creating content writing superior to your competitors, you can build organic traffic by ‘stealing’ backlinks from them. 

How to execute this method

To find content that you will outcompete and get backlinks from, you can follow these steps:

  • set up Google alerts for the keywords you’re interested in
  • study the drawbacks of this content
  • create content that can outcompete it
  • see who shared this content on social media and other platforms
  • reach out to sources that made a backlink to your competitor’s content 

When studying the drawbacks of your competitor’s content writing, don’t forget to go through the list of the keywords they use. Also, you need to consider how you can exploit them to create a more in-depth version of this topic that will bring more value to its readers.