Senegal Software offers many benefits with its modular workforce platform. It can help you grow your business, free up your time, and make more money. We offer 7 modules that you can pick and choose from to help better your business. SenegalCRM allows you to manage your clients, track and score your leads, monitor your sales pipelines, and much more. Below is everything you need to know about senegalCRM. 

Relationship Management

We help you maintain a complete picture of each client relationship. You can add company and contact records while logging your sales activities. By having your whole relationship with a client in one place, you can have the confidence that you and your team need to grasp on every deal. 

Also, there is no more guessing about your contacts. It’s clear that keeping track of documents, spreadsheets and index cards is no longer the way to manage your clients and help grow your business. With senegalCRM, you and your team are able to get the full picture of your client relationships. This will help your sales team stay on top of client requests and win more deals. 

Lead Tracking

SenegalCRM can help you stay on top of every lead. With automated and custom workflows, you’re able to save time and resources. You’re able to systematically assign leads to the right salesperson once a lead comes in. When you do this, a notification will automatically be sent to the salesperson so they can respond quickly to the new lead. 

Workflows and Reporting

Our workflows allow you to eliminate mundane tasks by automating your day. Our out-of-the-box workflows, or create your own, save you hours of time by automating your daily work. By having everything automated, you will have more time to spend with your talent and clients. 

Our reporting can quickly and accurately access the information you need when you need it. Similar to our workflows, we have a template to use or you can create your own. These reports can help you monitor and track leads, contacts, opportunities, and more.

Sales Growth Funnels

With our sales growth funnels, you can watch your business grow. You’re able to quickly add opportunities and track all of those that you have with our drag-and-drop sales pipeline boards. You no longer have to guess how your company is growing. Instead, you’re about to spend more time nurturing your relationships while knowing that our pipeline is working with you, not against you.   

Lead Scoring

Our lead scoring allows you to score and prioritize each of your leads. With our custom ranking system, you’re about to score and prioritize each lead. This allows you and your team to focus on what matters most – closing the deal. Our system allows you to follow up with the leads that are ready to close. At the same time, you’re able to see which clients need more time and nurturing before they fully commit. 

Email Integration

Our system allows you to integrate with Gmail or Outlook. With this, you’ll never lose track of your emails. You can manage your emails with each client within their profile. This is regardless of whether you’re on your computer or mobile device. There’s no more bouncing between software platforms to manage your relationships or communications. 

Calendar and Dashboards

With our calendar, you’re able to track your tasks, jobs, campaigns, and more with its color-coded capabilities. With one view, you can manage and monitor all of your activities. Also, you’re able to quickly add or edit records to the calendar, as well as see a snapshot of each calendar entry.

Our dashboards allow you to quickly adapt to changing conditions and identify trends for all of your leads, opportunities, salespeople and sales pipelines. Our easy-to-use widgets display key metrics for the information that is more important to you. 

Let senegalCRM automate and simplify your sales cycle, nurture client relationships, and grow your business. If you’re interested, you can schedule a demo today.