SenegalFINANCE allows you to keep track of your finances, present better proposals to clients, get paid faster, and track profitability all in a single platform. We want to help simplify your finances and help you understand them faster. You no longer have to worry about bouncing between accounting and CRM software. This is why we make all of this, and more, readily available in one platform. Below is everything you need to know about Senegal’s finance management software.

Track All Your Finances

Once a job is complete, you can send your client the invoice, get paid, and pay your talent all in one place. Our platform integrates with third-party accounting platforms to make this even easier on you. You can pay 1099 and W2 talent quicker, view event profitability on your dashboard, and track sales commissions. 


With our estimates, your quotes are created, sent, and approved all from one place. With digital signatures and notifications, you and your clients are always on top of the estimate process. Also, you can connect with QuickBooks Online or Xero and seamlessly push estimates from Senegal to your accounting system. 


Our proposals allow you to brand each of your deals. Stand out from the competition by sending your clients custom branded proposals with embedded estimates. You’re able to tell your company story and introduce your team to clients with proposal templates that can be digitally signed.  


Our invoices allow you to create, send, and get paid all in one place. You can generate invoices from estimates with ease, or create new invoices and have your clients pay with Senegal. When connected to QuickBooks Online or Xero, Senegal will push the invoice and payment into your account system. This eliminates any duplicate entries, extra keystroking, or lost information.

Profitability Tracking

Do you know your gross margin on a job or program level? How do you know if you are on budget/target with job costs? Measure your success with our profitability tracking system. The Senegal Profitability Tracker gives your team insight into the gross margin percentage of every job and program. This gives you a birds-eye view of your profitability at all times.

Commission Tracking

Are you using Excel or other spreadsheets to keep track of commissions for your sales team? How quickly does that get outdated? With the Senegal Commission Tracker, you can monitor sales commissions for your entire team. Senegal calculates all the commissions on every job and compiles the information so you never have to remember to update another spreadsheet. 

Talent Payments

Senegal’s finance management software allows you to pay 1099 contractors or W2 contingent workers seamlessly. Whether you pay 1099 talent or W2 workers, you can generate and pay talent bills inside of Senegal. Then, you can push that information into your accounting system seamlessly. The Kyck Global 1099 payment system is integrated into Senegal to allow the processing of payments within our platform. For W2 contingent workers, connect to one of our payroll partners and never worry about exporting, importing, or duplicating pay information again. 

Time Sheets

Are your staff filling out paper timesheets that get emailed around for approval and payment? You can now digitally manage your timesheets all in one place. When utilizing senegalHIRE, our digital timesheet and automated approval workflows make it easy for your talent to fill out and submit their timesheets for you or your client to review and approve. Once approved, Senegal creates the talent bill necessary for payment.