With senegalLOGISTICS, you can better manage your inventory and track shipments. By integrating shipping, tracking, and inventory management into a single platform, we take the guesswork out of managing the entire process. Also, it ensures that you always know what is in stock, as well as the status of every shipment. There is much more that our platform has to offer, which is why everything you need to know about senegalLOGISTICS is below. 

Shipping Management

Our shipping management tools lets your team select talent and the product to ship, choose from a number of shipping partners, and track the delivery. From request through to delivery, your team will have insight and comfort knowing the shipment status at all times. Also, you’re able to schedule unlimited shipments. When connected with senegalWORK, your shipments are linked to individual jobs. This helps ensure that nothing is forgotten and that inventory is always onsite and on time. 

Workflows & Reporting 

With our workflows, you can eliminate mundane tasks by automating your day. You can either use our provided workflow templates or create your own. These will help you save hours of time by automating much of your daily work. By having everything automated, you will be able to spend more time with talent and clients. 

Our reporting is very similar to our workflows. You can create your own or use our template to quickly and accurately access information. You’re able to get the information you need whenever you need it. Also, you can track leads, contacts, opportunities, and more. 

Inventory Management

Managing products for you or your clients can be a nightmare. Especially if you have dozens of clients and hundreds of SKUs to track and ship around the country. With easy-to-use product inventory tracking and integration with our shipping tool your team will always ensure that product is on hand. Also, you can manage and replenish your inventory at any time. 

Calendar & Dashboards

Our calendar allows you to track your tasks, jobs, campaigns and more. With our color-coded calendar, you can manage and monitor all activities with one view. Also, you can quickly add or edit any records and see a snapshot of each entry. 

Our dashboards allow you to quickly adapt to changing conditions and identify trends. Whether it’s for your leads, opportunities, salespeople or sales pipelines, our widgets display key metrics of information that’s important to you on a configurable dashboard.