SenegalPROJECTS can help your team collaborate with a single view into an entire project, have a better understanding of any risk, and more easily track milestones. No matter the size of your project or event, our software allows you and your team to work together to accomplish any goal. While there are many benefits offered, below is everything you need to know about senegalPROJECTS.


It’s easy to miss the big picture of a project when using multiple platforms and spreadsheets. This is why we want to help you keep yourself and your team on track. With senegalPROJECTS, you can define your goals and attach task lists to monitor progress. This also allows you to give your team a clear vision of what is happening and what’s completed. You’re able to group tasks and ensure that no deadline is missed. 


Keep yourself and your team better connected. By using senegalPROJECTS, you can create tasks to distribute your workload to team members. Also, you’re able to save time by creating and saving task list templates for projects. Our advanced task options help you make sure that every aspect of your project is complete on time. 


Let Senegal help you monitor your project risks. You’re able to manage all risks associated with your project in one place, while giving your entire team visibility. There’s no longer any need for guessing if the project is on time and in good standing. By adding in risks, they let you build in the protection you need. 


Teams allow you to make collaboration simple for each project you have. You can set up teams that need to stay in the loop without having to assign an action to them. You’re able to keep communication and collaboration constantly open and connected. Also, you’re able to track the time your team spends on each project. 

Gantt Chart

Our gantt chart allows you to see the progress of each of your projects. Regardless of the size, a single click gives you a gantt chart of your entire project. This gives you full visibility of your tasks, while highlighting any milestone and risk on the project date line. This allows you and your team to have transparency, and a full picture view of your entire project. 

Calendar & Dashboards

Our calendar lets you track your tasks, jobs, campaigns and more. Our color-coded calendar allows you to manage and monitor all of your activities with one view. Also, you can quickly add or edit records, as well as see a snapshot of each calendar entry. 

With our dashboards, you’re able to quickly adapt to changing conditions. You can identify trends for all of your leads, opportunities, salespeople, and sales pipelines. Our easy-to-use widget displays key metrics for all the information that’s important to you on a configurable dashboard. 

Workflows & Reporting

Our workflows eliminate mundane tasks by automating your day. You can use our templates or create your own to save hours of time by automating much of your daily work. By having everything automated, you’ll have more time to spend with your clients. 

Similar to our workflows, you can create your own reports. You can quickly and accurately access information whenever you need it. You’ll be able to better monitor and track leads, contacts, opportunities, and more.