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Episode 3

GIG Series: Generating Ideas for Growth


The gig economy is $4.5 Trillion world-wide, competition is fierce.

How do you set your business apart?


Each month, we'll be speaking with three bright and experienced minds to provide you and your business with real-world experiences on topics ranging from talent/client acquisition and retention to streamlining back office operations. No product or sales pitches; only informative discussions and ideas will be shared on topics staffing industry professionals struggle with.



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The exponential growth of the gig economy is forcing staffing and experiential marketing companies to become more competitive – quickly


As clients and brands are demanding more real-time information about events, faster turnaround on estimates and proposed talent, timely status reports on events and activations, recaps, and invoices. This need has caused staffing agencies to realize that their talent databases alone are no longer enough to provide this level of quality to their clients and thereby, negatively affecting their ability to grow.


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