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COMPLETE Recruitment Management System

Let your staffing business take flight.

Staffing works better with Senegal Software. Blend your staffing operations with meaningful client & candidate engagement — in a single recruitment management system.

Upgrade to staffing tech that evolves and scales with your business.

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Run your recruitment process, workflows, and sales & marketing campaigns from a single powerful platform, with advanced AI.

Ready to upgrade and unify your ATS, CRM & MARKETING?

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Hire, Schedule & Go

Simplify experiential & event staffing with our do-it-all platform for pulling it all off. Recruit, onboard, schedule and report.

Want to automate and optimize your event staffing operations?

Purpose-built for the staffing industry


Configurable workflows for automated efficiency

Speed up common recruiting & staffing processes with configurable workflows. Save hours by automating repetitive tasks.


Dynamic, actionable reporting
built for recruiters

Monitor activities, track contacts and score leads. Simplify reporting and data-sharing across recruiting & sales teams.


Powerful, personalized dashboards to track trends

Adapt in a flash and respond to changes in your pipeline. Configure dashboards with easy-to-use widgets that display KPIs you need to see now.


Loved by senegalCUSTOMERS

“We needed a solution that understood the nuances of our business and could be customized for our needs … we’ve had challenges in the past because of the size of our organization and the flexible, nimble way we work.”

— Jennifer Fiddler, Vice President, Productions Plus


Built By Staffing Experts

Unparalleled customer service

Finally, a technology partner that returns your calls. Our team came from the staffing industry. We know your challenges first-hand. That’s why we know you need a partner that will be with you as your business grows.

Our seamless integration and accelerated implementation cycles get you where you need to be.

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How to know your staffing platform is the right fit

Shelly Justice shares three questions that will help you gauge whether you’ve found the right match to support your staffing business’ growth.


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Let’s talk about what’s holding your staffing firm down and what’s standing in your way. Then you can see how Senegal Software can help your business take off.