Companies always focus on how to maximize the productivity of their employees. This has led to a demand in the latest technology the industry has to offer. Why? Because companies know that technology is a key that leads to production. One part of technology that has drastically changed the business world are smartphones. Companies are utilizing smartphones by incorporating employee mobile apps in operations. Employee apps increase productivity in a number of ways. 

What is an Employee App?

Employee mobile apps reach employees when they aren’t sitting at their work desk. The apps carry company sensitive data while having both employee and management self service. Employee apps give managers access to crucial data and offer employees everything that would normally be on a work computer. It’s a great choice for many companies that now rely on remote work organized through a single app. 

How They Increase Productivity

Higher Engagement

Employees engage with different departments with ease when using apps. Basic tasks like contacting the HR department are simple transactions. Employees can request time off or manage personal days through their mobile device. Employee apps are also typically built with chat platforms and push notifications. This gives the company a secure method of discussing company information. Not only do conveniences like these save employees time, but they make them happier. High morale and more time to work leads to an increase in production. 

Fast Feedback

It’s important to make employees feel valued by letting them be heard. That’s why employee apps are designed to let employees give the company feedback at any time. Apps encourage participation by providing employees the opportunity to rate how operations are going within the company. Furthermore, managers can create surveys that could easily be distributed through the app. There’s no better way to improve the company than asking the employees working on the front lines. 

While there are many types of feedback, managers could also give performance reviews and give their support to employees. If employees do a great job, company-wide announcements can also be distributed across the app. The doors for company feedback on both ends are left wide open when a company designs a proper employee app. 

Live Updates

Managers have no easy task overseeing operations from their team. With employee apps, managers can set clear objectives and tasks for teams to complete. In situations when employees are working remotely, they can quickly check off when a task has been completed. Managers are notified with push notifications and get live updates of how teams are progressing throughout the day. It makes scheduling the next objective that much easier. Employees could even check in to locations of long distance meetings through apps. The communication between co-workers has never been more clear.

Any company could see higher production from using an employee app. While it takes careful planning, there’s no doubt that companies should invest more in technology. Companies today are doing anything to get a competitive advantage. With clear communication, high engagement, and quick feedback in mind, why not try using an employee app?