By bringing on brand ambassadors, you provide a face for your company. Your ambassadors represent the values of your brand to your clients. They also help you spread the word about your company to potential clients without the use of marketing tactics. It is critical for you, as a company, to find ambassadors that best represent your brand. The big question is, how can you find the best brand ambassadors? In this article, we highlight the key characteristics of a great brand ambassador and what you should be looking for in them. 

Passionate & Relevant to Your Brand

Your brand ambassadors need to have passion about what they are representing. This is not only limited to your product or service. They should be passionate about your company, and the values and missions you hold. Also, their hobbies and interests should be similar to your company. You don’t want a brand ambassador that can’t relate to you and help promote your brand. 

With this being said, it’s your company’s job to give your brand ambassadors something to be passionate about. To help them stay on brand, it’s important to put out promotions for customers to get excited about. This will help make sure your ambassadors are able to get your message across. They can show that what you offer is something they actually use in their day-to-day lives. 

Active & Engaging on Social Media

Your brand ambassadors need to have knowledge of social media platforms and how to best represent you on them. If you are a company that sells workout clothes, you need to find ambassadors who regularly post about working out. Also, you could look into those with fitness accounts on social media.

Also, when looking for ambassadors, it’s a good idea to look for candidates who have a medium to large network established. With this, they can immediately start sharing content for you with people who already know and trust them. Consumers are more likely to trust a recommendation from another consumer. Compared to promotional content coming directly from a company, brand ambassadors give a more personal way to show products. 

Professional & Consistent 

As a face of your brand, you need to make sure that your brand ambassadors understand their responsibilities. You need to be sure to fully vet any potential ambassadors. Also, you need to confirm that there’s nothing problematic or contradictory about your company’s values and their social media accounts. Also, you need to ensure that your ambassadors will always represent your company in a positive light. You can do this by giving them specific guidelines and criteria before they become an ambassador for you. However, with giving them these guidelines you need to make sure you are not taking away from their creative abilities. You need to find the perfect medium so they have rules, but you aren’t too controlling over them. 

Where To Find Influencers 

Knowing what you want in a brand ambassador is only your first step in this process. Your next step is to actually find and engage with them. 

There are countless ways to find brand ambassadors for your company. You can use different softwares, social media, and sites such as LinkedIn to help you easily find brand ambassadors. There are software companies with platforms that influencers and companies can sign up for and promote themselves to help find one another. You can also search through social media to find popular accounts that post content related to what your company offers. Lastly, you can always post a job opening for brand ambassadors, where you can include a questionnaire to better understand why they want to represent your company. 

Regardless of your recruitment method, you need to be sure that you really look into your candidates, especially your top candidates. People share a lot online, so use that to your advantage and do your research when deciding if someone would be a good brand ambassador for you.