In this technology-driven day and age, every business must stay current with the latest trends and evolutions relevant to their particular field. Keeping a keen eye on these advancements can help increase efficiency within your organization while positioning your business as an innovator.

In the staffing industry, taking advantage of the latest technology may include upgrading your talent management software (TMS). TMS has come a long way over the past several years. The newest programs are designed to facilitate a harmonious working relationship between departments that maximizes productivity and smooths workflows. However, a TMS that’s not perceptive to a business’s needs leads to confusion, miscommunication, and frustration. When a business is equipped with an intuitive TMS that’s aware of the critical need for logical inter-departmental collaboration, a pivotal balance is achieved that fosters clarity, efficiency, and an encouraging work environment.

Talent acquisition does not need to be overly draining for staffing firms in regard to energy and resources. When a successful talent management strategy is paired with an intuitive TMS, better results are achieved.

The Issue of Inter-Department Disconnect

Simply put, when a staffing company’s sales, recruiting, and accounting teams do not have the tools to collaborate, that business’s progress is stalled and can even be negatively reversed. The energy that could be spent on driving growth for the business is instead wasted on fixing avoidable problems, unnecessarily backtracking tasks, and reconfiguring data for each department’s unique needs. 

Consider a scenario where the recruiting department of an agency is looking to hire a temp worker for a prominent sales department client. Though the recruiting and sales teams work separately from one another, the candidate that the recruiting team chooses to hire will affect the work life and client partnership health of the sales department. 

If the recruiting department doesn’t have access to any of the sales or accounting data, they will have a poor understanding of the role they’re recruiting for. Further, the sales department needs to be constantly apprised of the recruiting department’s status. A misalignment could result in delivering a poor-fit temp for the client, stunting the company’s growth, and causing all teams to have difficulty meeting their goals.

What is Talent Management Software?

In a nutshell, talent management software is a platform that supports the integration of the various departments within an agency to enhance their ability to work together towards a common mission. A TMS provides accounting, sales, and recruiting departments with the necessary tools to work efficiently and collaborate with colleagues inside and outside their departments. An effective TMS can adjust to the needs of an agency and streamline its processes, automate its workflows, and create a balance between its departments. As an added bonus, the right TMS can grow as the business grows, offering platform expansion opportunities as the need arises. This both helps improve employee engagement by reducing irritations and creating a more cohesive work environment for all parties involved.

Benefits of Quality Talent Management Software

When it comes to finding a quality talent management system, there are three questions you need to ask yourself: 

  1. Does it improve productivity? Will this TMS give your employees the tools necessary to make the most of their time on the clock?
  2. Does it promote communication? Will this TMS provide a common ground for your different departments so that they can come together and advance the mission as a team?
  3. Does it reduce inefficiency? Will this TMS reduce the time spent on things that can be automated?

Improve Productivity

A great TMS improves productivity by providing a modern platform that includes real-time dashboards, automated workflows and pipelines, and customizable reports. With these tools at their fingertips, your employees can focus on the work that matters to them instead of getting sidelined by minutia. They won’t need to waste time manipulating data to generate reports, spreadsheets, and task lists. With a TMS that boosts productivity, you can leave these outdated methodologies where they belong — in the past. 

Promote Communication

Every department within a business has its jargon and lingo. An employee in accounting simply thinks and speaks differently about work than an employee in the recruiting department. This will never change. An effective TMS is able to bridge these gaps in communication while promoting work advancement in all departments and, in turn, the company as a whole. For example, across department-communication alerts can be customized by employees and management, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. A TMS can also promote communication between departments by providing a platform consisting of data, reports, and workflows that are effective when used either within a specific department or company-wide.  

Lower Inefficiency

We have all sat in a meeting only to think afterward, “Was that really necessary?” Physically setting aside time to get together with coworkers to update them on task progression, provide department-specific data, or compare calendars is not time well spent. With a TMS that promotes efficiency, all these things and more can be loaded into the TMS platform, updated in real-time, and viewed by whoever has permission. This will ensure that your employees can get information when needed, so they don’t have to interrupt their coworkers’ day to ask them for updates or reports.

Best Talent Management Software Available

When searching for the best talent management software available to your business, some key criteria must be considered. You want a TMS that can grow with your company, automate your tasks and workflows, create inter-departmental cohesiveness, and be as customizable as you need. To that end, there are some options when it comes to TMS platforms that meet some or all of these benchmarks. Investing in a modern and capable talent management platform will quickly deliver a positive ROI in terms of operational efficiency and cost reductions. 

But the right talent management platform goes beyond technical capabilities. Other considerations include finding the right product that fits your team and culture. A TMS isn’t meant to necessarily be a one size fits all solution for all company types and sizes. You are looking for a TMS partner that will support your unique needs and goals with customized care — not precut answers. At the end of the day, you are looking to buy more than just a, “what,” but rather, a “why.” Why is this TMS holistically best for my team?

Senegal Software: A Partner, Not Just A Vendor

Senegal Software’s talent management solution promotes inter-departmental harmony by giving your recruiting, accounting, and sales departments a platform that allows them to share data in a way that is meaningful to all. Further, Senegal grows with your business by offering packages both large and small so that you can expand the platform as your company flourishes.

Senegal provides real-time data, utilizes advanced automation, runs a customizable dashboard, and allows your teams to stay ahead of their workflows. This ensures that all departments work towards a common goal in the most effective and streamlined way possible. Through us, you find more than a software solution, you find a team dedicated to pushing your goals forward.

Innovate With Senegal’s Talent Management Software 

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