A spokesperson may represent an entire organization, and has the responsibility of building trust and credibility with an audience. The spokesperson is the face of the company, and has to gain positive support by delivering quality and consistent messages. It’s not an easy role for many, which leads to a demand for a great spokesperson. Getting your point across with an effective message is vital for any company with a reputation to uphold. In order to get your point across effectively, you have to practice and master the key characteristics of a great communicator. Here’s how to become a better spokesperson.


The spokesperson is a bridge that connects humans with corporate companies. A great spokesperson talks with personability, using phrases “You” and “I”. You have a conversational tone that people want to engage with. Companies demonstrate their success with data, graphs, and balance sheets, but it doesn’t connect customers, investors, and media like the spokesperson does. They connect with a trustworthy spokesperson that answers their questions with confidence and reassures them with transparent messages. When issues arise, people want to know that you care about their concerns. 


There’s no better way to grab somebody’s attention than to speak passionately and with enthusiasm about a subject. We are  attracted to passionate people because it proves they put in the effort and time to understand what they are talking about. How do you speak with more enthusiasm? Put in the work, and be prepared before you deliver your message. Intrigue them with fast facts, and reasons why your company stands out. Know who your competitors are and study your industry trends. It’s about proving that you’re working hard towards your company vision. 


Showing your timeliness means that you have the people interested in your company in mind. It shows that your company is reliable. People always have questions to ask and crave connection. Even if you don’t have a clear answer for a company objective – Say something and respond quickly. Let people know you’re delivering behind the scenes. A spokesperson with timeliness is establishing a trustworthy reputation. 


Listening skills are essential for a great spokesperson. While you have to answer many questions, empathetic speakers deeply understand what their audience wants. The key to empathy is showing that you are both listening and speaking from personal experience. Let people know that you understand how they feel and you’re doing everything you can to solve concerns. You show your audience that you are on their level rather than you know something that they don’t. Empathy is a trustworthy trait to have that also leads to less challenging questions to answer.


Being a better spokesperson takes a dedicated individual. You have to study the great characteristics of other great speakers and practice. While it’s a challenging role, only practice makes it easier. Along the way you’ll have to address issues and answer challenging questions. But by embodying important spokesperson characteristics like personability and empathy, you connect with your audience much easier. Showing that you’re both enthusiastic and timely boost your credibility and transparency.