Everyone wants to win people over their business with their content. You also want to drive engagement and generate sales. However, what works for one business may not work for another. This is why there aren’t tactics for posting. It’s about the type of content you post that’s likely to resonate with your audience. So what can you infuse into your content to help sell and convert? Below, we will explain just what you need to do to create content that sells. 

Share personal stories

When people share their journeys with the genuine aim of helping others going through similar struggles, they are loved. There’s a lot to learn from someone’s success as well as their failures. Those who run successful businesses have often seen their fair share of both. You shouldn’t shy away from chronicling the challenges you have faced as a business and how you overcame them. 

People love to know who is behind a brand, and there are numerous ways to create content with genuine stories. You can share your routine, take readers behind the scenes, give your employees a voice and platform, or simply talk to your audience directly in the form of a video. 

However, this is not some scheme that will work by fabricating the truth or inventing challenges that did not exist just to impress people. Tricking them into believing your lies to establish a brand presence will quickly backfire on you. The idea behind sharing personal stories is so you can connect with others on a deeper level. You can only do that if you’re truthful and passionate. Do not push out content that is half-hearted or misleading. Find your strengths and create unique ways of relating to your audience.

Take a stand on social issues

Many businesses have been criticized for not taking a stance on social matters, being too profit-oriented, and not willing to use their voice for greater benefit. Also, many are often criticized for being tone-deaf or completely out of sync with evolving sensibilities of their consumers. Businesses today need to show their values to customers, and these values need to be inclusive. 

A business needs to be aware of the voice they’re cultivating through their content and marketing from the start. All aspects of the business need to work together as a whole. No one expects them to be warriors, but publishing the right type of content at the right time is appreciated and remembered. 

Don’t wait for perfection

It’s one thing to want to generate a content stream to be proud of. However, it’s another to be overly critical in hopes of producing the best content. You have produced quality content when it fulfills a need. This should be the aim of any content strategy. If you meet the needs of your audience, then the content is good enough and will be shared. 

Content needs to have the proper links and image. However, more importantly it needs to serve a purpose. It should be a joy to consume. Quality content may have a method to it, but it’s not formulaic. Content creators need to keep the brand in mind while creating content and not get too carried away. 

Use a variety of formats

Different formats generate different degrees of engagement. Along with this, different topics might require different treatment. Your target audience is not one specific group. Even with clearly defined groups, people have their own preferences.  

A big advantage of providing various types of content is that people can consume it. One can’t read every post you put out, but it may be easier to tune into a podcast to get that information. Similarly, a video call is easier than holding a phone in your hand. By giving people choices, you make sure that they have something to grab their attention when they visit your website. You give them an incentive to stay longer and continue engaging with your content.