When you’re focused on growing other businesses by supplying them with talent, it can be easy to overlook your own staffing agency’s growth. However, you can’t afford that. Whether you’re a business that specializes in temporary or permanent staffing solutions, you need growth to succeed. Below, we highlighted the best ways to help you grow your staffing agency. 

Hire the Right People

Your staffing company is built around acquiring qualified talent for your clients. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend all of your resources looking for new candidates. Your placed candidates can refer you to their network. This way you’re able to quickly find even more great candidates for your clients. Additionally, if those you’ve already placed recommend their network to you, you can trust that they will be good prospects. This is because your placed candidates already know the skill-level and competency needed to be part of your roster. This way they are able to make a judgement about whether their recommendation is a good fit or not. 

Market Your Business 

Staffing agencies need to maintain a steady flow of candidates in their pipeline. To get more candidates, you need to convince them that your staffing agency is the perfect fit for them. Marketing your business is the key to boosting brand awareness, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most popular way. By creating content for SEO, you can affect the way prospects think and establish your firm as a leader in the industry. SEO helps your business gain more visibility on search engines like Google. This way, when a prospect searches for something, your website shows up with an answer for them. You can set up a blog and write articles about topics your prospects are interested in. By using keyword research tools, you can find keywords that fit the recruiting industry and include them in your content.

Share Client Testimonials

The easiest way to stand out from your competitors is by showing them how happy your current clients are. You can share client testimonials through a blog or your social media platforms, such as LinkedIn. Client testimonials are viewed as one of the most trusted forms of advertising. It’s more authentic to see clients talk about how great your company is compared to you boasting about your own company. Client testimonials allow the world to know the quality of your services and how many satisfied clients you have. 

Automate Everything You Can

If you want to grow your staffing agency, you need to cut down on unnecessary costs. The best way to help do this is by automating everything you can. By automating repetitive tasks, you can give your staffing experts more time to engage in high-level tasks. This allows them to have the opportunity to get more done. With a platform such as Senegal, you’re able to automate your onboarding process, track your finances, simplify the sales cycle, and keep your clients up-to-date. We also make it easy to post jobs, keep tabs on new and existing clients, and manage the back-office tasks necessary for running your business.