Loyalty programs are evolving to meet the expectations of consumers. Customers expect to be rewarded for engaging with a brand. They also expect the brand to personalize their promotions so that they receive relevant offers and incentives. The easier the customer can be rewarded for their loyalty, the more effective the program will be at driving sales and meeting customer needs. As a result, brands are choosing more multi-channel and layered loyalty programs to build a wider range of spend-based activities. Below, we will go into how to sell more to existing customers with multi-channel loyalty programs.

Make it easy for customers to be rewarded for spending money

Consumers expect to receive loyalty program benefits no matter how they pay for their purchases. Due to the rise of mobile payment and digital wallet services, retailers should run neutral loyalty programs. This means that customers can be rewarded for whatever payment method is more convenient. This can range from cash, debit/credit card, or Apple Pay. By taking this approach, you can improve results while broadening your customer base. This will further drive shopper engagement and satisfaction.

Also, consumers expect to be rewarded for every single purchase they make. Receipt scanning is a great technique that allows customers to collect points across multiple retailers. It also gives brands a competitive edge. Similarly, printing codes on product packages is a good alternative to receipt scanning. It allows frequent buyers to collect points, earn merchandise, and encourage purchases.

Capture customer data to drive personalization

Brands are leveraging loyalty programs to capture customer data through surveys, registration forms, sweepstakes entries, and more. This combination of implicit data (gathered through activity in various streams) and explicit data (information offered by the consumer) gives an overview of your core customers and what they want.

Design effective campaigns to increase sales on certain products

Retailers and loyalty reward providers can leverage custom product catalogs to run SKU and category-based promotions. By combining the product catalog, inventory, fulfillment, and payments, brands can identify their most profitable customers and what they’re purchasing. From this, they can design effective campaigns to increase sales on certain products and reward customers for spending. Additionally, by building receipt scanning functionality into their loyalty programs, brands can scan receipts to identify applicable SKUs and/or product descriptions. Brands are then able to gain insight into the retailer, total basket size, and store location.

Upsell to customers to drive more spending with your brand

Once a relationship has been established with the customer, retailers can offer them additional perks, such as member-only coupons. You can also incentivize purchases and engagement with your brand based on customers’ shopping history. Along with this, you can offer creative ways to upsell customers to drive spending. This approach gives customers another incentive to visit a store to make purchases and increase basket size.