Brand ambassador campaigns are a great way to get the word out about your company and products. It has become harder for brands to gain consumers trust. This is especially true since consumers trust each other more than corporations pushing out their own product. Implementing a brand ambassador campaign can be great for your company. However, it’s important to be able to determine whether the campaign was a success or not. This will let you know if it’s something you should do again in the future. 

When trying to determine the success of a brand ambassador campaign, it’s important to know what metrics should be included. You need to do this prior to the launch of your campaign. You need to decide which measurements will allow you to best see the success of the campaign. While each company might measure their success differently, below we will go into how you can measure the success of your brand ambassador campaign and what might need to be changed for any future campaigns. 

Track your ambassadors during the campaign

Brand ambassador programs can provide to both companies and influencers. Companies can get on the radar of new audiences and gain the trust of these consumers. Influencers can get compensated for recommending the product or service. They’re easy to integrate into your marketing strategy. However, it’s important to track them and make sure they are really able to help you. 

A key to help track your success is to track everything that your ambassadors do. A few key aspects to track are how often each of them post, the kind of content they create, and how much engagement each post related to your brand has. By keeping track and measuring all of this, you will easily be able to determine which ambassadors brought the most value. Also, you can get ideas on how you can optimize your strategy for the next campaign. 

You need to find your top brand ambassadors that were the most involved in the campaign. Also, those who continually generated content. These are whose content you will want to feature on your company’s pages, and who you will want to reward for their loyalty with incentives. Also, you need to find your inactive brand ambassadors who didn’t contribute much content to your campaigns. You should also take note and potentially start seeking for other ambassadors or not work with them in the future. 

Metrics to track your brand ambassador campaign

There are a handful of metrics to track your campaign. You can track the brand reach by how many people your ambassadors reached on social media with brand-relevant content. You can also track the traffic to your website using UTM codes so you can tell how many people each brand ambassador attracted to your site through their promotional posts. Lastly, you can track any campaign related activity of social media. It’s also smart to include a hashtag when implementing a social media campaign because you are able to go back and see how many posts contain it. Whether you are tracking all of these during or after the campaign, it will show you the performance of the campaign.