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Manage Programs Seamlessly with Senegal's Staffing Software.

Senegal's staffing software allows you and your team to manage all aspects of your clients’ programs, including tracking time, defining roles, scheduling shifts and monitoring payments and financial performance—all from one easy-to-access, cloud-based, responsive platform.

Whether you manage large-scale national programs or individual jobs, Senegal’s back office program management solution has the features and functionality to meet your needs and provides you with peace of mind.

Monitor Individual Jobs or Entire Programs

Monitor Individual Jobs or Entire Programs

Build, manage and monitor individual jobs or entire programs through this online staffing software. Job/program details are connected and easily accessible from your customized dashboard. Each job you create in the Senegal staffing software can have multiple roles, and each role can have multiple shifts, allowing you and your team flexibility to build client programs.

Manage Workloads & Priorities with Calendar Functions

Calendar Functions

Monitor your client’s program schedules with our detailed calendars. With the Senegal staffing software, your talent can manage their own book-out calendars to maximize their work schedule. This lets your team know talent's availability—reducing unnecessary emails and text messages.

Define Tasks & Create Alerts

Define Tasks & Create Alerts

Easily define tasks for your team with the task tool—an efficient back office solution that allows you to access a snapshot of your tasks and identify priorities. Tasks can be assigned to new business opportunities, client programs or jobs. Task notifications ensure all tasks get the attention they deserve to promote client satisfaction.

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