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Our platform has saved our customers, on average, approximately 30-70% in operational efficiencies and 50% in costs. 

These savings have helped our customers grow their businesses and streamline processes so their teams are more efficient and more productive. Let’s get started now!

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The Senegal solution is advanced, innovative, and allows your company to focus on what really matters. Let’s hear it from our customers.


“Great all-around software! They’re more like partners than vendors, and care about what their users want.”

Lauren R.


“Super Easy and Efficient. Before Senegal, I used several systems Salesforce, Excel, Mailchimp, SurveyMonkey, etc. to staff events. What I really love about the system is it has linked all of these systems together and made it simple and easy to staff an event and work with my clients and staff.”

Jennifer S.

Client Services Manager

“Wonderful! We work with John and he is very attentive to our needs. He is great to work with! The system has saved us a lot of time and we’ve even received new customers because they like our portal.”

Allison A.