Find the right candidate for you, or your clients, faster, and spend
less time on-boarding candidates, and more time cultivating relationships.

Hire Better

Stop Stressing About Finding The Right Candidate.

From creating the perfect job post to sifting through resumes, scheduling interviews, and finding the right candidate, senegalHIRE simplifies your search by posting on multiple job boards with one click which helps you find the perfect hire, every time.




senegalHIRE by Senegal Software
Job Posts with senegalHIRE by Senegal Software

Job Posts

Find The Right Candidates By Posting Across Multiple Job Boards.

Are you posting the same information across multiple job boards to find the right candidate?  With Senegal you can create the perfect job post – one that can even include candidate questionnaires and skill requirements – then share your post with free and premium job boards, and social networks seamlessly.

Hiring Teams

Work Together With Your Team To Find The Perfect Candidate.

Want to make sure you hire the right person every time?  With a team of people involved in the hiring process, Senegal allows you, and your team, to have visibility into the candidate profiles, complete scorecards, and be part of the digital interviewing process.  No more wondering what people thought about the candidates – now everything is tied together and easily accessible.


Hiring Teams with senegalHIRE by Senegal Software


Eliminate mundane tasks by automating your day.  Use our out-of-the-box workflows, or create your own, to save hours of time by automating much of your daily work.  With everything automated you will have more time to spend with your talent and clients.


Whether you use our out-of-the-box reports or create and save your own, you can quickly and accurately access information you need when you need it so you can monitor and track leads, contacts, opportunities, and more.

Candidate PreScreening with senegalHIRE by Senegal Software

Candidate Pre-Screening

Filter Out The Right Candidates.

Qualify your candidates automatically with questionnaires that turn your application form into an active screening tool, reducing the man hours your team would otherwise spend sifting through resumes. With custom workflows, you can automatically move your candidates to the next stage of the process, send a follow-up email or disqualify them.

Candidate Profiles

Get A Complete Picture Of Your Applicants.

A cover letter and resume are nice, but how about a questionnaire on the candidates abilities, or details on their skills and education?  With Senegal, your candidate profiles are a complete picture of the candidate so you have all the information you need at your fingertips when making hiring decisions.  With our resume parsing tool your candidates can create or update their profile quickly just by uploading their resume.

Candidate Profiles with senegalHIRE by Senegal Software


Track your tasks, jobs, campaigns and more with a color-coded calendar.  With one view you can manage and monitor all your activities, and quickly add or edit records to the calendar, as well as see a snapshot of each calendar entry.


Quickly adapt to changing conditions and identify trends for all of your leads, opportunities, salespeople and sales pipelines with our easy-to-use widgets that display key metrics for the information that is important to you on a configurable dashboard.

Score Cards with senegalHIRE by Senegal Software


Share Thoughts On Each Applicant With Your Team.

Our candidate scorecards let you and your team compare candidate ratings in a clean, apples-to-apples comparison format. Scorecard ratings leave less room for bias, and improves your chance of making the right long-term hire.  Allowing your interviewing team to rate candidates with scorecards takes the guesswork out of your final decision.

Candidate On-Boarding

Make It Easy For Your Candidates To Work For You.

From background checks to new hire documentation, Senegal Software allows your hiring team to put together the complete digital offer for your candidate to review online and digitally sign.  And, with tasks you can ensure no paperwork is lost or forgotten.

Candidate On-Boarding with senegalHIRE by Senegal Software

Ready to start making smarter hiring decisions?