Recruiter handing documents to a candidate.

Staffing agency software is essential to a recruiting firm’s efficiency and effectiveness. In the post-pandemic job market, there are more positions that need filling than there are qualified candidates. 

The last several months have been hailed as an “employee’s market” where job seekers have all the leverage, and employers are scrambling to attract them. This hot job market means that likely lots of clients are coming to your staffing firm looking for help attracting and winning over top talent. While this scenario is good for bringing in leads, you may be looking for a new staffing agency software to complement your recruiting efforts. 

Using staffing agency software to organize, track, and evaluate candidates in your recruiting process is highly cost-effective. You may be under the impression that this software is expensive or only useful for large recruiting agencies. Fortunately, there are staffing agency software solutions by Senegal that provide recruiters with the tools they need to make placements efficiently and expand operational capacity — all while helping cut monthly expenditures tied to a staffing search.

There’s Room in the Budget for Staffing Agency Software

Smaller recruiting agencies sometimes think that they can’t afford premier talent management software, and that it can only be afforded by the resources of giant corporate staffing agencies with unlimited budgets. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Staffing agency software by Senegal is able to fit into a variety of cost points that make sense for recruiting firms. On top of that, the multi-functional software quickly pays for itself. Such products like the applicant tracking system which makes finding and qualifying talent more streamlined, or the in-house CRM which makes document management more organized than jumping between multiple programs and monitor screens. 

Instead of recruiters spending tons of time sifting through potential candidates for their clients, and scheduling interviews, not to mention going through complicated onboarding, talent management software can speed up the process.

This all goes to say that a customizable option can fit almost any staffing firm’s budget, and in the long run, pay for itself. 

How Talent Management Software Saves Staffing Agencies Money

The size and scope of staffing agency software vary considerably between different providers. Some are designed for larger agencies with complex processes that need to be integrated, while others are more basic. 

Senegal’s staffing agency software features product elements that can reduce the expenses of recruiting for most staffing firms across multiple areas of operation — giving staffing firms flexibility in their use of these inventive toolsets. 

Reduced HR Costs

Human resources are a fixed cost for all companies, even staffing agencies. Larger staffing firms have dedicated resources and personnel for a proper HR department, while smaller agencies may have employees that flip-flop between roles, taking time away from their primary function of generating revenue. This situation can be expensive, but luckily, that can be solved with staffing agency software

The salaries for these employees, or the opportunity costs of removing managers from their regular duties, are often considerably higher than the monthly cost of staffing agency software. 

Enhanced Information Sharing

When recruiting, you are inundated with all manner of information ranging from job descriptions to specific skills and experience to obscure shift requirements and more. This deluge of data can seem overwhelming — because it is! With talent management programs like Senegal Software, you can integrate and organize that data into a cloud format that’s available to all relevant parties. This enhanced information sharing brings efficiencies to the recruitment process and keeps everything organized, allowing for greater success in finding the right talent. 

Through streamlined workflows, comprehensive reporting, simplified event management, and more, the power behind information is better leveraged. 

Detailed Analytics

Without data, how can you know which recruitment and hiring strategies are actually successful? Is a listing generating a lot of applications? Are people commenting on your client’s social media posts about the role? The recruitment process is a perfect example of the Pareto Principle, where 80% of your hires come from 20% of your efforts. You just need to know which efforts are fruitful.

Every recruitment strategy costs money, and your staffing firm needs to know its return on investment. Talent management software can track each job listing and attached marketing campaign to see which ones are piquing applicants’ interests and best serving your clients’ needs.

Tracking Applicants 

As you know, most staffing firms have a multi-stage recruitment and hiring process. An application is reviewed and is perhaps sent out to various team members to decide if the applicant would be an ideal fit for the client. The applicant might interview with several entities before a final decision is made and salary negotiations begin. 

It can be a messy and complex process requiring impeccable organization and communication. Staffing agency software not only keeps this information organized, but makes the tracking, qualifying, scoring, and onboarding a better experience for your firm and clients.

Managing Employee Referral Programs

Nearly half of employers say their best hires come from employee referral programs. Not only are these hires a better fit for the client, but they’re also the type of people your client’s current employees actually want to work with. Employees that are incentivized to seek out these potential coworkers, either by messaging them through social media or making a post about the opening, are more likely to make those connections.

Staffing agency software can help recruiters track these candidates, maximize their own, as well as a company’s network, to know where referrals come from and who may be a potential fit.

Effectively Utilizing Temporary Workers

Every year, the percentage of the workforce that is temporary or contractual increases.  In 2021, according to SIA, 22% of the workforce in the United States fell under the Temporary or Contractual Labor tag.  With that increase comes the demand for pinpoint accurate onboarding, tracking, and reporting metrics, but in a far more flexible way than traditional, direct hire staffing.  Effective software must be able to bridge the gap between the two talent pools, making it seamless and easy for recruiters to get the full picture on the status of their talent, whether permanent or temporary.

Staffing agency software can help your firm automate processes for sourcing, onboarding, and tracking temporary workers right alongside their direct hire counterparts for clients. 

Senegal Software: A Talent Management Solution that Powers the Staffing Industry 

Senegal Software is dedicated to providing our clients with the means to streamline operations, drive brand growth, and increase their revenue. Our software enables staffing companies of all sizes to manage their talent needs through AI-enabled recruiting and placement, candidate onboarding, client invoicing, sales pipeline development, and targeted marketing campaigns. Schedule a demo with us to learn all about the best in staffing.