Staffing & Recruiting

Connecting you with the right talent, right now.

Simplify the Sales Cycle

senegalCRM is designed to uncomplicate the customer relationship management process, enabling you to keep track of your business in the palm of your hand.

  • Manage leads with dashboards and lead scoring
  • Track client communication within their profile
  • Monitor pipelines to close deals faster
  • Stay up-to-date with your clients with tasks and notes
Lead Tracking with senegalCRM by Senegal Software
Email campaigns with senegalMARKETING

Keep Your Clients Up-to-Date

When the job is over how do you keep your clients engaged and wanting more of your services? With senegalMARKETING you can create the perfect drip campaigns so your clients know what you are up to, and how you can help them with their next hire.

  • Create Drag & Drop email drip campaigns
  • Schedule social posts for higher engagement
  • Track your open rates
  • Run success reports to improve ROI

The success of a business boils down to the people you hire. In the temporary staffing and recruiting industry you need to find the best candidate fast to stay ahead of the competition.  The best way to ensure you have access to the best candidates is to use a software built for your industry.

With Senegal Software it is easy to post jobs, keep tabs on new and existing candidates, and manage the back-office tasks necessary for running your business.

On-Board Candidates Easily

To cut down on the typical chaos surrounding on-boarding, senegalHIRE makes it easy to complete all your onboarding tasks, from filtering applications and recording background checks to managing tax forms, job bookings, and all your back office operations.

  • Track candidate skill level with custom questionnaires
  • Customize scorecards to streamline candidate interviews
  • Maintain candidate profiles with digital on-boarding
  • Post jobs on multiple job boards from one place
Job Posts with senegalHIRE by Senegal Software
Commission Tracking with senegalFINANCE by Senegal Software

Track Financial Performance

With senegalFINANCE you can take the frustration out of collecting time cards, creating invoices and tracking expenses and instead focus more on growing your business.

  • Manage Time cards digitally
  • Customize workflows for review and approval of costs
  • Collect invoice payments electronically
  • Pay talent via ACH

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