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Balancing all of the pieces to running a successful temp staffing and recruiting agency can be tricky, especially if you are using spreadsheets or multiple systems to manage it all.  Senegal Software takes the headache away with our integrated workflow management platform – your one stop shop to run your entire business.

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Simplify the Sales Cycle

Manage every aspect of your client relationship in a single profile to get the full picture of the contact on one screen.

  • Manage leads with dashboards and lead scoring
  • Track client communication within their profile
  • Monitor pipelines to close deals faster
  • Integrate Gmail or Office 365
Lead Tracking with senegalCRM by Senegal Software
Relationship Management with senegalCRM

Account Management

Get a full picture into the relationship of each client quickly and easily. 

  • Order & Payment History
  • Digital Contract Agreements
  • Client Portal
  • Stay up-to-date on your clients with tasks and notes

Email Marketing

Simplify your touchpoint with your leads, and your contacts. Send an automated email series to nurture leads or introduce new products or services.  Build your lists quickly and easily and send targeted messages to specific contacts. Our email automation helps your organization develop strategic and efficient email marketing campaigns so you and your team can focus more on growing the business, and keeping your client relationships front and center.

Email campaigns with senegalMARKETING
Social Posting with senegalMARKETING

Social Post Scheduling

Spend more time connecting with the people who matter most with our time-saving tool that helps you prioritize and schedule your social interactions. Senegal integrates with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn to help you schedule and organize your social posts.

Track Requistions

Setting up and tracking requisitions with custom workflows and contact level rates ensures that your whole team is on the same page for each job. You can easily connect directly with your clients, or through an VMS/MSP.


  • Track Requistion status
  • Full Stand Occupation Standardization codebase
  • Keep track of bill & pay rates
  • Run profitability reports to stay on course
senegalPROJECTS by Senegal Software

With a single platform connecting your sales, recruiting and accounting teams together, information is more accurate, response time is faster and efficiencies can be improved by 30-70%, giving your team more time to build stronger relationships and find the right candidates rather than jumping between disconnected systems that slow down the productivity of your staffing and recruiting agency. 

Candidate PreScreening with senegalHIRE by Senegal Software

Find Candidates Faster

With robust candidate profiles your recruiters can spend less time looking for the right person.

  • Track candidate skill level with custom questionnaires
  • Set up workflows to match candidates with job posts
  • Maintain candidate profile preferences
  • User filters to search for the right candidate quickly

Track Applicants Better

Never loss track of an applicant, and ensure your team is informed and connected through the entire process.

  • Job Board Distribution
  • Resume Parsing of applications
  • Customized workflows to match your business flow
  • Custom questionnaires for screening
  • Scorecards for your team
Job Posts with senegalHIRE by Senegal Software


Quickly adapt to changing conditions and identify trends for all of your leads, opportunities, jobs, programs, talent, invoices and more with our easy-to-use widgets that display key metrics of the information that is important to you on a configurable dashboard.


Track your tasks, jobs, campaigns and more with a color-coded calendar.  With one view you can manage and monitor all your activities, and quickly add or edit records to the calendar, as well as see a snapshot of each calendar entry.

Time Sheets with senegalHIRE by Senegal Software

Track Time & Attendance

No more paper time sheets.  Let automation and geo tracking help keep your employee information accurate.

  • Manage Time cards digitally
  • Customize workflows for review and approval of time
  • Geo-Fencing for automated tracking
  • Pay talent via ACH

Talent On-Boarding

Simplify your talent on-boarding process with workflows and requirements tailored to your company needs.  With our native mobile app your talent can quickly, and easily, build their profile and be working for you in minutes. 

  • Sign agreements digitally
  • Easy tracking of assignments
  • Compete Tax documents online
  • Assignment details and notifications
Talent On-Boarding by Senegal Software


Whether you use our out-of-the-box reports or create and save your own, you can quickly and accurately access information you need when you need it so you can monitor and track leads, contacts, opportunities, jobs and anything else you want to report against in Senegal.


Eliminate mundane tasks by automating your day.  Use our out-of-the-box workflows, or create your own, to save hours of time by automating much of your daily work.  With everything automated you will have more time to spend with your talent and clients.

senegalWORK by Senegal Software

Job Scheduling

Upload and automate the scheduling of one or hundreds of jobs in seconds.  With Senegal Software you and your team can schedule and manage all your jobs with more ease.  With all the time saved, your team can focus more on keeping your clients and talent happier. 

  • Schedule based on skills
  • Quickly redeploy candidates
  • Optimize with visual calendars

Compliance, Health & Safety

Stay on top of background checks and site fitness to ensure the best candidate is hired, everytime.

  • Background Checks
  • Certification Compliance tracked
  • Site Fitness to Work tracking
  • I-9 Verification
Candidate Profiles with senegalHIRE by Senegal Software

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