Senegal Software is the first fully integrated, end-to-end event staffing management platform in the market. With one easy-to-use platform, Senegal enables you to manage all aspects of event staffing, program management, client invoicing, talent execution, and payment, in less time and with less frustration. Senegal takes care of the day-to-day and lets you focus on building meaningful relationships and growing your business. Senegal can replace the numerous programs you use today to run your business. Below, we will briefly dive into the 7 modules that Senegal offers. 


SenegalCRM allows you to manage your clients, track and score your leads, monitor your sales pipelines, and much more. We help you maintain a complete picture of each client relationship. By having your whole client relationship in one place, you can have the confidence to grasp every deal. 


SenegalPROJECTS can help your team collaborate with a single view into an entire project. You can also have a better understanding of any risk, and more easily track milestones. No matter the size of your project/event, our software allows your team to work together to accomplish any goal. 


Let us help you find the right candidate for you or your clients faster. We want you to spend less time onboarding candidates and more time cultivating relationships. We made it easier for you to create the perfect job post, go through resumes, schedule interviews, and find the right candidate. Also, senegalHIRE simplifies your search by posting on multiple job boards with one click, which helps you find the perfect hire every time.


With senegalLOGISTICS, you can better manage your inventory and track shipments. By integrating shipping, tracking, and inventory management into a single platform, we take the guesswork out of managing the entire process. Also, it ensures that you always know what is in stock, as well as the status of every shipment.


Keep your clients close, and your prospects closer with email campaigns and social posts that are engaging, timely, and informative. Senegal integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to help you schedule and organize each of your posts. You can now be relieved to know exactly what date and time each of your posts will be live. 


Let us help you simplify talent recruitment and event scheduling. SenegalWORK gives you the tools to do more with less, and ensure your events are staffed on time, every time. Whether you have one or one thousand events to schedule, and whether you have a great talent pool or recruit often, we can help you.

Our native iOS and Android mobile app keep your talent informed and engaged. We make it easy for your talent to work for you. Your talent can manage their events, and payments, and keep their profile up-to-date. They can upload event photos and complete recaps/reports in our intuitive app designed for the mobile workforce. 


SenegalFINANCE allows you to keep track of your finances, present better proposals to clients, get paid faster, and track profitability all in a single platform. We want to help simplify your finances and help you understand them faster. You no longer have to worry about bouncing between accounting and CRM software.