Marketing automation helps marketing teams turn manual processes into automated systems. This means that they can set up an automated stream and let software take care of the rest. You can automate your processes from how you send emails to scheduling your social media posts. Marketing automation can streamline your marketing efforts and make your department more efficient. Regardless of how you choose to automate your marketing, you’re able to save yourself time and money. Below, we will go into a few of the many benefits of marketing automation. 


Marketing automation makes your entire department more efficient. You can potentially reduce staffing costs while freeing up your team’s time to work on more important projects. Instead of manually posting on social media every day, marketing automation software can automate that process. This means that your team can spend this extra time planning and brainstorming for upcoming projects. 

Marketing and Sales Alignment

If you combine your sales and marketing automation efforts by using the same software, you’ll be able to align company goals and efforts. It can make the process of going from marketing qualified lead to sales qualified lead that much easier. Plus, it can also help you generate more leads and increase sales. Your marketing team will spend more time strategizing ways to increase conversion rate, while your sales team increases productivity. 

Increase Conversion Rate

Marketing automation can make your team more effective. Marketing automation software can help you increase your conversion rate and manage your leads more efficiently. Your marketing automation software will track your leads. You can use this to retarget your website visitors that don’t convert, which can increase your CRO. Marketing automation should give your team more time to analyze your marketing strategy and consider how to get visitors to convert. 

Accurate Reporting 

While reporting your analytics can seem like a daunting process, it doesn’t have to be thanks to marketing automation platforms. You should be able to use your software to generate automated reports. Marketing automation platforms can give you a high-level overview of your overall process. This will help you see complications and any friction points. With accurate and streamlined reporting you can see where things are going wrong. 

Lead Scoring

Marketing automation can set up lead scoring for your team. This will notify your sales team when a lead goes from a marketing qualified lead to a sales qualified lead. This will better align your marketing and sales teams, while automating the process to make it easier. There will be no more wasted time, and your sales team is able to reach out to prospects immediately. 

Scalable Processes

When you set up your marketing systems and processes, it’s important to keep scale in mind. If a process isn’t scalable, then it will be hard for your company to expand. Marketing automation can help you create processes that are scalable. The more manual a process is and the more it depends on one person, the harder it will be to scale when the team grows. 

Lead Nurturing

Marketing automation makes lead nurturing possible. You’re able to create email drip campaigns and track their success with marketing automation softwares. Without lead nurturing, you’ll have a harder time converting leads to sales prospects.