COVID-19 forced most companies to send their employees home to work remotely. While it took some time to adjust, everyone was able to settle in and see the benefits. It showed many companies that employees could still be productive and focused while not in the office. While some companies have started going back into their offices, many have decided to stay remote until 2021. Some companies have noticed the benefits and moved to working fully remote from now on. Below, we will dive into some of the many benefits of working remotely.

Better work-life balance

Being able to work remotely gives you a flexible schedule. You are able to start and end your day as you choose. This is as long as you have completed what you needed done for that day. Having this control over your work schedule can be extremely useful. Especially when it comes to attending needs in your personal life. This balance has also become extremely important with many schools sending students home for remote learning. 

No commute stress

There is nothing worse than having to start and end your day by sitting in traffic. By working remotely, you no longer have to worry about leaving your house and sitting in traffic. There is also no stress about being late. This can also benefit your mental and physical health. Commutes longer than 30 minutes one-way are associated with increased levels of stress, anxiety, high cholesterol, elevated blood sugar, and risk of depression. Aside from health benefits, you’re able to spend less money. This is because you aren’t spending money on gas, which also reduces your carbon foot.  

Customizable office

By working from home, you are able to create a comfortable home office. You are able to set it up however you want and with whatever you want. You can use a more comfortable chair than what your office provides. Also, you can even use a desk that sits at the right height for you. Along with this, you can fill your space with things that make you feel happy. For example, if you enjoy plants, you can have some around your work space at home. It’s not always easy to bring them into an actual office. Plus, there’s no guarantee that their lifespan will be as it should in that type of setting. 

Increased productivity and performance

When working from home, you tend to have less interruptions, quieter noise levels, less yet more efficient meetings. This along with not having a commute allows employees to have more time and less distractions. This ultimately leads to increased productivity. 

By working remotely, employees and companies are able to focus on what really matters, which is performance. There are toxic aspects that can come with some work environments. These tend to not allow much work to get done. While coming in early and leaving late may seem like more work gets done, actual performance is a better indicator of productivity and what gets done.  

Happier and healthier work life 

Working remotely has shown happier and more loyal employees. Since there is much less stress associated with working from home, it makes your employees happier in their personal and work life. This also allows for coworker and manager relationships to be more positive. There are no distractions or politics that come along with this. Working remotely gives employees the time and environment to make healthy choices and allows their overall health to be better.