While the thought of hosting an in-person event during this pandemic can seem overwhelming, it might become a necessary reality for some. While there has been an increase in virtual events, not everything can be executed virtually. Regardless of if you host an in person or virtual event, it’s important for you to create the best experience for your attendees. Below, we pulled together some of the best tips to help you host an in person event during these tough times. 

Follow Local and State Regulations 

You need to keep your attendees safety and health in mind when it comes to hosting an in person event during these times. While regulations vary from state to state, you need to make sure your event follows the rules and regulations for the state it’s being hosted in. 

You should move forward with your event planning cautiously. Also, you should implement early crisis planning in case someone on your team or someone who attends the event tests positive for COVID-19. 

Prioritize Health and Safety

Like stated above, you need to prioritize your attendees health and safety. You need to take each attendees temperature upon their arrival. While this can’t guarantee that someone is not sick, it will help you tremendously with stopping the spread. 

Also, you should set up extra hand washing and sanitation stations around your event. Your guests need to have access to these at all times. 

Along with this, your guests should be wearing masks. This is especially important when they are not in their seats. If their seats are socially distanced, depending on the regulations for your state they might not need to be wearing them while at their seats. However, even if they don’t have to be wearing masks while sitting, it is your decision. You also need to have extra face masks in case someone breaks theirs. 

Lastly, you need to make sure that high touch surfaces are disinfected often. While everything should be cleaned before, during and after the event, make sure to pay close attention to serving areas and guest tables. 

Careful Venue Selection

You need to make sure that your event space can follow social distancing. You need to have chairs spaced at least six feet apart. However, if possible you should consider hosting your event outdoors if you can find an appropriate venue. With how times are now, that is the most recommended option for in person events. 

Rethink Your Food and Beverage Options

If you are going to be giving out food at your event, you should avoid self-serve options. This will help you reduce and remove contact points. You can limit contamination by providing individually packaged food and beverages. A few good options are box lunches or buffets/stations where staff can serve each guest individually. 


You should be constantly communicating with attendees, site managers, and any outside vendors to maintain transparency with everyone regarding service expectations and safety. This also applies to communication during the event. You need to have plenty of signage to help encourage social distancing and masks. Also, it’s important to include spacing markers at high traffic areas such as restrooms and food lines.