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Creating More Trust and Transparency

in the Event Staffing Industry

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quote-circle_line_v2We are extremely proud to partner with Senegal Software. They are the first end-to-end solution in the event staffing industry to incorporate our reviews into their platform. This is a win for brands searching for top agencies, agencies searching for the best available talent, and talent looking to validate their skill sets and book more jobs."

- Brian A. Fox, Founder & CEO of Trusted Herd


Agency Benefits

  • Automatically receive and be credited with Trusted Herd reviews after each worker shift
  • Get to 1000s of reviews quicker and rise in Trusted Herd rankings faster than your competitors
  • Better showcase the quality of your agency to companies looking for staffing partners on Trusted Herd
  • Hold talent to a universal standard with worker reviews sent to Trusted Herd after each job
  • Find the Trusted Herd rating and rank for workers right on their profiles in Senegal Software

Talent Benefits

  • Anonymously review every shift, built in during event check-out for Senegal Software agencies
  • The reviews you receive from Senegal Software agencies after events are automatically credited to your Trusted Herd profile
  • Collect reviews faster and rise in the Trusted Herd worker rankings 
  • Your Trusted Herd rank and rating is visible on your Senegal Software profile
  • Well reviewed workers receive more job opportunities on Senegal Software and Trusted Herd


quote-circle_line_v2The best talent deserves to work with the best agencies, and the best agencies deserve to work with the best brands. Just like an Uber or Yelp, Trusted Herd's ratings are really a fantastic way for the best to rise to the top. Our clients will immediately benefit from access to more qualified talent for staffing jobs and a more robust ratings profile when brands are researching agencies.

- John Franco, CEO of Senegal Software