Find Talent. Manage Jobs. Get Paid. Repeat.

Our complete CRM and ATS platform integrates candidate on-boarding and sourcing, job scheduling, payroll, billing, and more to run your entire business.

Talent On-Boarding by Senegal Software

Free Up Your Time

Our modular platform allows you to automate your business, giving you more time to sell.

Make More Money

Stop spending money on multiple systems and let our custom system work for you.

Grow Your Business

Streamline processes and grow your bottomline with our easy-to-use platform.

Ready to see how Senegal Software can streamline your business for growth?

Stay Connected With Clients

Never miss a deal.

Documents, spreadsheets and index cards are not the way to manage your clients or grow your business.  With senegalCRM you and your team get the full picture of your client relationships so your sales team can stay on top of client requests and win more deals.


Relationship Management with senegalCRM
Email campaigns with senegalMARKETING

Engage Your Prospects

Always be selling.

Keeping your clients and prospects engaged with your company keeps you top of mind.  With senegalMARKETING your scheduled email campaigns and social posts make it easier to grow your business. 

Get More Done

Never miss another project deadline.

It is easy to miss the big picture of a project when using multiple platforms and spreadsheets.  With senegalPROJECTS your team can collaborate together with a single view into an entire project, have a better understanding of any risks, and more easily track milestones.

senegalPROJECTS by Senegal Software
Candidate PreScreening with senegalHIRE by Senegal Software

Hire Better

Cast a wider net so you can find the right candidate.

From creating the perfect job post to sifting through resumes, scheduling interviews, and finding the right candidate, senegalHIRE simplifies your search by posting on multiple job boards with one click which helps you find the perfect hire, every time.


Work Smarter

Manage your talent and events easier.

Whether you have one or one thousand events to schedule, and whether you have a great talent pool, or you need to recruit often, senegalWORK gives your the tools to do more with less, and ensure your events are staffed on time, every time.

senegalWORK by Senegal Software
senegalLOGISTICS by Senegal Software

Ship Faster

Take the guesswork out of shipping.

By integrating shipping, tracking, and inventory management into a single platform, senegalLOGISTICS takes the guesswork out of managing the entire process, and ensures you always know what is in stock, and the status of every shipment.

Manage Your Finances Easier

See your profitability faster.

Bouncing between accounting software and CRM software, and even proposal and digital signature software will never put you ahead of your competitors.  With senegalFINANCE we make all of this, and more, readily available in one platform, and with just a few clicks.  No more searching.  No more guessing.  Just growing.

Invoices with senegalFINANCE by Senegal Software
senegalWORK by Senegal Software

Talent Mobile App

Stay Connected to Your Talent.

Our user-friendly mobile app allows your talent to build their profiles to your requirements, manage their jobs, complete on-site tasks, get paid, and more. Managing and staying connected to your talent is made easier with our native Apple iOS and Android apps.

Ready to see how Senegal Software can streamline your business for growth?