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Accomplish more in less time with Senegal.

Before Senegal, no single, integrated operating platform to run a temporary staffing business existed. As a result, agencies were forced to use multiple software applications that were not integrable, nor specific to their needs. They relied on tedious, manual processes to manage many of the complex tasks and relationships involved.

After 20 years of experiencing these daily struggles of the experiential marketing and temporary staffing industries, Senegal’s CEO was driven to create a solution. Senegal Staffing Software is a single application that integrates the needed lifecycle feature set.

The back office platform gives any promo and event staffing agency the ability to offer a frictionless, online presence to all its clients. Senegal drove early adoption by focusing on a well established, but under-served sector of the industry: event and experiential marketing. Following the early adopter phase, Senegal moved into the broader opportunity represented by the 30,000 offices and agencies servicing the temporary staffing needs of the US.

Make more of your day. Partner with Senegal Software, and find your balance.

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